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Week 17 of the NFL Regular Season!!!

This is it! The end of the regular season! I swear these 17 weeks go faster than any other stretch of the year. There's no Thursday night game this week so we go straight to the Sunday games. THis is arguably the trickiest week to pick games as some teams will be playing rookies and resting vets and you don't know who is really playing to win.

Up first is Detroit at Green Bay. Green Bay should win if they play the regulars, but with both teams already in the playoffs this could become a battle of the backups. I think Green Bay has more depth so I'd give them the edge still.

Tennessee goes to Houston. This game is a bit of a toss-up to me. I'd probably give a slight edge to Tennessee thinking that the Texans are likely to be gearing up more for next week than this week.

Indianapolis goes to Jacksonville. Indianapolis has to lose this game to win Andrew Luck. If the Colts win then this will have really been a wasted season. Winning does them no good and losing is great for them. The Colts should lose this game. (If they win this game, you don't want to be listening to the Indy sports talk radio stations.) I've got to give the edge to the Jaguars here.

The Jets go to Miami to play the Dolphins. The Jets are just a joke right now. I've got to give this game to Miami.

Chicago plays Minnesota. Chicago is just too beat up now to be really competitive. The Vikings aren't a good team, or even close to being a good team, but the Bears are a bit worse off. I've got to give a slight edge to the Vikings here.

Buffalo goes to New England. Early in the year this looked like it could be a very important game. Not so much now. I've got to think New England will win this one pretty easily.

Carolina goes to New Orleans. If Drew Brees plays, then New Orleans should win easily. If the Saints rest most of their starters then the game could be pretty competitive. I'd still give the edge to New Orleans though.

Washington comes to Philadelphia. These NFC East games are generally pretty competitive, but I think Philly will win this one easily. The Eagles are playing the best football of pretty much any team in the league right now and the Redskins aren't. This could get very one-sided.

San Francisco goes to Saint Louis. San Francisco should win pretty easily. Saint Louis won't want to win to lose their tie for that first overall pick in case Indy should stumble into another win.

Seattle goes to Arizona. This is largely a toss-up. I'd give the edge to Arizona since they're playing at home.

Tampa Bay goes to Atlanta. Atlanta should win this one.

Baltimore goes to Cincinnatti. This could be a pretty good game. If I had to pick a team I'd give the nod to Baltimore.

Pittsburgh goes to Cleveland. Pittsburgh should win this one even if Ben sits out another week to rest his ankle.

Kansas City goes to Denver. I think tim Tebow will get his mojo back and the Broncos will pull out the win. It should be a pretty entertaining game.

San Diego plays at Oakland. I'll give the edge to Oakland here.

And finally, Sunday night has the big NFC East matchup for the NFC East title with the Cowboys going to the Giants. I'm giving this game to the Cowboys. I've thought for some time that these two teams would split the series between them with each team winning on the road. The Giants won in Dallas, now I think the Cowboys will win in New Jersey. The game should be fairly close, but I don't see the Cowboys finding a way to lose this game. I wouldn't be stunned to see it end tied in regulation and end up in overtime. I'm not terribly impressed by either team however. The Cowboys are going to have to find a way to handle Victor Cruz of the Giants, but if they can pull that off, they should win the game.

Fly!!! Eagles!!! Fly!!!