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I have read several articles that say wearing gloves is not that good of an idea during this virus. The said masks are the best thing but gloves not so good an idea. Just do not touch your face with or without them. I have worn them a few times but more people I have seen are in a mask and no gloves. What do you think?

I don't wear medical gloves when out.


I live in SE Wisconsin and sometimes the weather is still cold enough now where I will wear a pair of mittens to protect my hands when my husband and I are out doing our shopping. 


My skin is very sensitive on my hands and is also prone to eczema outbreaks on them. Wearing any type of a medical glove on them makes them sweat.


I just wash my hands more often.


I have to do it anyway, as my immune system is already compromised and I had an Infectious Disease doctor tell me that I needed to wash my hands more than most people.


He had told me to do this last Summer, before we had to even think about the Covid Virus. I am prone to getting Staph infections.


So, I just try and practice good hygiene.


When my husband and I go out these days, we cover our faces. He has been wearing a mask and I have been wearing a scarf.

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I have always lysoled my purse after grocery shopping because we've all read for years that shopping carts carried so many germs. So esp. after the store or dr's office I sprayed with lysol.

Now, I just put my wallet in my pocket and carry no purse into the grocery store.

They are saying the less you take in the better.

As for masks, Dr Gupta said we should all think of ourselves as carrying the virus.Therefore we should all wear masks!

I don't really trust the CDC much with all their conflicting information.

I still think if a mask will prevent an ill person from spreading germs, doesn't it make sense that a mask on them and a mask on ourself would protect even more? Thats what I feel most comfortable with anyway.

I was carrying disinfectant wipes in my purse before the virus but ran out. I wish I still had them, but they are still hard to find.

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Something else that is a good idea is to open any door handles at store, like freezer, refirgerator doors etc with a wipe or napkin which you can throw away when leaving the store.

Also not to touch the buttons on the 

self serve isles when paying-use a wipe instead of your finger.

Same at pharmacies or dr's office-never use their pen if possible and if on a string and you have to use, use a wipe or napkin to hold it.

"If you walk the footsteps of a stranger, you'll learn things you never knew. Can you sing with all the voices of the mountains? can you paint with all the colors of the wind?"
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I mentioned this in 1 of my other posts. I always wear gloves when ice skating, all are washable types. Colder in the rink, different pair of gloves. Wear 'em, wash 'em.


Decided this would be a good idea now everywhere I go. I don't know what the "experts" say today, but if like wearing masks? Yes today, no tomorrow. As for reading just "articles"? I'll stick with my wearing and washing because it makes good sense to me.




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I do the same as many of you; mask, no gloves, baggie with wipes,  if I have sanitizer use when leaving store, if not use wipe on hands.  Use apple pay so don't have to touch buttons or use credit card.  All I take into store is keys in pocket and phone with list on it and to pay.  

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@SeaMaiden wrote:

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@FlowerBear  I don't know about gloves helping or not. Now, I'm not sure if wearing masks help - my husband keeps telling me that wearing masks doesn't help. ??  He went to Costco the other day and he had a mask with him as I *think* Costco will not let you in the store if you weren't wearing one. My husband is one who doesn't worry about things though (he's fairly calm), so I'm just not sure. 😐

@DoxieJ  and @FlowerBear ... the CDC says that wearing masks does not protect people from getting sick.  They only help a person who is ill from infecting others.  However, in NJ our governor has made it mandatory to wear masks when going to a store.  I don't know about gloves.... but I do wear them.  As soon as I am finished with my shopping I throw them out and wash my hands thoroughly.  I make sure not to touch my face ... until I have washed my hands.  

@Boehm Collecter   So I am confused about what you think the gloves are saving you from... the gloves touch everything... just like your hands would... you do not touch your face with the gloves on OR OFF... Then you take them off and throw them away... and wash your hands... just like you would if you did not wear gloves... 


Seems like the gloves are really doing nothing. You can get the virus with the gloves or not.. the virus is either on the glove or your hands.. but you can not get the virus through your hands... and you are washing your hands and cleaning them as soon as you leave the store...

I have a deep cut on my forefinger. It provides an entry point for germs. Far better I wear disposable gloves and prevent the virus from getting into that cut than rely on post-exposure washing to prevent infection, IMO.


For some, the gloves help keep them from touching their faces. If they help do that, then gloves are a help for those people, as long as they handle the gloves carefully otherwise.

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@on the bay can always put a few clorox wipes in a baggie when you are out and about.

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Absolutely wear gloves when I pump gas. New for me and will continue it. 

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@Mom2Dogs -

That is what I used to do until I ran out and none of us have been able to find them unless ordering in bulk online. So I just thought forgeddaboudit and I won't go out!

I help take care of 3 grandchildren and daughters so I am really afraid of giving them anything.

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Keep you hand sanitizer in a small plastic bag that you can 'touch' to use it and then discard immediately.   

It is better to put it within easy reach before you might use it so you don't have to find it with soiled hands.