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Weak body episodes

Has anyone had the sensation of the energy draining from your body so you feel really weak? I’ve been having these episodes when I stand up it’s like the energy drains down to my feet and finger tips and it leaves me feeling numb and totally weak. If I say this to a doctor he’ll think I’m loosing my mind. So has anyone had this issue?

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Re: Weak body episodes

I think you should definitely mention this to a doctor .. you could have low blood pressure or something else that can be treated .... the doctor will not laugh at you. 😃

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Re: Weak body episodes

I think you explained this very well.  I would tell exactly this to your doctor.  If he acts like he doesn't understand, look for another doctor.  I would ask to have my thyroid checked. Another consideration could be low blood pressure.  You could be severely anemic.  These are symptoms of many different conditions.  


Get to the doctor and find some answers.  A good physical would be a great place to start.  I wish you all the best.

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Re: Weak body episodes

You need to see a cardiologist.

cathy from ma

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Re: Weak body episodes

Sounds a lot like a vaso vagel synapse, I had one sitting in my Cardiologist's office, this was a few hours after a Bone Marrow draw

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Re: Weak body episodes

I know there are many things that could be causing what you are describing . I was having problems with feeling weak and dizzy, and I thought it was maybe side effects of 

medication. It hit me one day, that maybe between the extreme heat and hot flashes and working out, I was losing electrolytes faster than I was replacing them. It was instant

rellief the moment I began replacing my electrolytes and I

have not felt that way since. 

This is just my experience but of course it’s best to be checked out by your doctor.

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Re: Weak body episodes

@fresh kitty GET THEE TO A DOCTOR. A good doctor will NOT consider your problems "silly." I've had to ask my doc a couple of "dumb" questions which weren't dumb at all.


PLEASE get medical attention. What's happening to you could be serious (or not) and there may be a simple solution.


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Re: Weak body episodes

I agree with the fact this could be a reaction from many different issues, starting with something as simple as being dehydrated or overheated.   


My husbands work friend started experiencing episodes similar to this, which led to frequent falls.   His issue was diagnosed as CHF.   


This is something you need to tell your doctor about.

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Re: Weak body episodes

   @fresh kitty ,  please tell the Dr exactly what you wrote here as soon as possible.


Copy it and take it with you to the appointment. The sequence you described will be very helpful to your Dr.


Sometimes when we feel a weakness such as you describe, the muscles are actually fine, but the feedback from the nervous system can be hampered by something. 


The fact that it's not a one time event, you feel this sensation after standing up, but you don't lose vision, consciousness, balance, or the ability to stay standing on your feet; you have the sensation it 'drains' away (to the ends of the long nerves) rather than being everywhere at once; it manifests in the same pattern after the same positional change; and 'numbness' is involved; each of these points from your post will help your Dr initiate the right course of treatment. 


From my personal experience, I think your Dr may consult, and/or refer you to see a neurologist.

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Re: Weak body episodes

If there was ever a time to seek medical advice it is now.

Your symptoms could be a plethora of causes which is why you must seek professional care.

Good luck.