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We're in the city

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My husband has been sick since Thanksgiving with a mystery illness that no one can figure out. This is a man who has never known illness that he can't work through. He's one sick puppy😩

Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.


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@monicakm , STORMIN HEAVEN  FOR  HIM . Also for you!!!      SLIGO

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@monicakm - you and your DH are in my thoughts.  Know this is so very stressful for you.  Keep us posted.

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For your hubby,

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Oh my gosh ladies, thank you so

SO much!  He is never sick. I've always called him my Energizer Bunny and he's always taken care of me but this has got him so down that he literally can't do anything. His symptoms are all over the place and make no sense. So far we've been to two doctors.

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Praying for your husband. I hope he gets relief soon.

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Re: We're in the city

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I'm praying for your lovely husband, @monicakm  He sounds really strong and I know that soon the specialists will figure this out and I'm wishing your husband relaxation and warmth during this tough time.  Behind every strong man is a strong woman and I know that even though he's been sick since Thanksgiving, you've always been a pilar of strength to him. We're rooting for your man and we're all here for you whenever you need us. 

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Wishing you and hubby well. Hopefully this will soon pass!


  I don't know what's going on this year but I have gotten both the flu and a cold, one right after the other and I also NEVER get sick (I was miserable and still getting over it).... Hopefully it's something that will just resolve on it's own...

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