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Re: We got Pfizer

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I  received my first dose of Pfizer  a week ago..... Hubby received his first dose today of Moderna.    I went to my local Hospital... they have the abilty to store the Pfizer where my husband went to  a local Safeway Pharmacy and they had the Moderna  available.


 We are so grateful to have been able to get our  shots and the second shots are already set with appointment to receive them.


 It is like winning the lottery  to be fortunate enough to get a shot.... I spent HOURS on the computer getting up at 3 am for days and looking non stop for an opening somewhere that was local... some people are having to drive 50 miles away to get an appointment! There just is not enough vaccine to fulfill the need.  Hopefully in the months ahead this will improve... 



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I am not spreading rumors.  Sorry, but I needed to address your comment, @BirkiLady, since you directed it at me, in part. We all need to be comfortable with our medical decisions, and respect the decisions that others choose to make, whether we agree with them, or not.  I am glad that you are comfortable with your decision. 


No further discussion is needed, or desired. 

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@BirkiLady wrote:

@Hoovermom  At least he's admitting he isn't well read about the vaccine and is directing you to those who have been educated. I applaud him for that. 

What about checking with your PCP or favorite hospital if you have concerns your HHS or Health Dept. are unable to address? I'm sure there are trusted sources available for you if you check around. Your dentist?  Any medical professional who knows your history and has read up on the pros and cons?   

Frankly, I'd wonder about that specialist and how up-to-date he is in his field - and consider changing to someone who is well-versed in the latest. Narrow vision is not my idea of a well-rounded specialist.                     


Best wishes on making your decision.             

@BirkiLady :  Thanks so much.  He is a well reknown specialist who guided and helped me through the most critical time in my life.  He has lots of guidance in lots of other areas, so I was somewhat surprised at this response.  I will check with my PCP.

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@BirkiLady Of course my husband is getting regular checkups and blood tests....he has blood work several times a year. He's must have been to over two dozen doctors since he's gotten sick since most couldn't figure out what was wrong with him.


As far as lifestyle he has drastically changed his sugar, alcohol, processed foods, eats only organic, wild caught fish, pastured meats, get the picture and he is significantly underweight.


He goes to several doctors. He doesn't see  a rheumatologist. Instead he sees one of the top neurologists who specializes in rare brain disease at The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania  which is one of the top hospitals in the country.  His doctor has another patient that has the same rare disease as DH who he believes was triggered by a vaccine....they are not always so safe but it is rare for someone to have long lasting negative side effects.


Yes all medication can have serious side effects...even aspirin.


As I mentioned, we are all different and do what we need to do for ourselves.  I choose to take a wait and see approach.  I believe that by building up my immune system will help me in the fight against any virus....of course I take precautions.