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Your symptoms point to allergies or infection.

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@RockChalkJayhawk wrote:

@lolakimono Funny you should mention this.  I thought I traced it back to some moisturizer and I convinced myself I was nuts. But, I started using the Perricone tsv cold plasma and noticed my eye going super nuts! So, I stopped using it just this past weekend....we’ll see.  I hope it could be something as simple as this.  


Ive also stopped wearing my contacts.....hhhmmm. 


Thanks for all of your posts! 



Hope you find the answer @RockChalkJayhawk. Smiley Happy


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I have a friend who had Bells Palsy and his eye waters (runs down his face) every time he eats.  It seems to coordinate with the motion in his jaw when he eats.  I know this is probably not the case with you but wanted to throw that scenario out there.  


I hope you find relief soon.  😊

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I have the exact same problem with my right eye too.  My eye Dr. Gave me a script for Restatis and it really helped.  In fact, I only use the drops  for a few days and my eye clears right up.  I've had this dry eye condition since I started menopause and I could no longer wear my contact lenses.  Reva

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My DH has been having problems with watery, red eyes for a week now..,.dr said it was allergies....he has never had any sign of allergies in his entire life....she prescribed eye drops that cost $83...for a teeny bottle to be used one drop a day for five days. He picked out an OTC allergy eye drop and it is getting better....through process of elimination we figured out he is allergic to the $48 for 6 oz. prescription shampoo he was given for scalp psoriasis. Now using our granddaughters Aveeno baby shampoo and no more psoriasis and his eyes are better....the eye drops were $3.99. Why do they try and rip us off at the pharmacy counter?