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New shoes with more support. By the time your shoes look worn, it’s already too late and they should’ve been replaced. I know from personal experience.
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@graciesmom1003 wrote:

Long ago in athletics, especially walking or running there were no special socks and to avoid the friction we always wore 2 pair of socks!





How long ago? In the 1960's there were no "special/running/jogging/walking/basketball, and on and on " Shoes". Socks for myself, special or otherwise, did not prevent my getting friction. Double up, really? Must have had some shoes that were either too big(size), or too wide, and if not?  Double socks makes it worse for myself, and 100's of other runners I know, not by experience, just a basic human physics.


Unfortunately, many that try ice skating think 2 pairs is imperative, or you can't skate. Just the opposite is true, no hockey or figure skates, are fitted using 2 pair of socks. That includes Custom Made for your Foot, ice skates. Hockey and figure skaters(professionals, and good skaters) skate bare foot.


The old 2 sock story was because many skated in sub-zero temperatures, mostly on lakes. I wear size 10(running and all around shoes), my ice skates are an 8 and a half(8.5) men's size. The tighter the better for skating, the skate should be an extension of the foot/ankle, and lower leg.


Moisture, especially wet socks, are a major cause of most running blisters, along with shoes that are too big(length and width). Running downhill is also a problem, because of foot movement. If 2 pairs of socks was the thing, "long ago"? I maybe just ain't old enough meet that era.






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@Mom2Dogs If you try on a new pair of shoes, you'll feel the difference.  I recommend sneakers or shoes designed specifically for walking. Good luck! 👟

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This is what I wear (except mine are made by gold toe and I cannot find them any more.)

These say “swell” on the bottom.

There is a zone of tighter knit around the is firm not tight.


My shoes are Easy Spirit “Punter.” 



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Hi, check out Gold Toe socks they carry them in almost all major stores.

they have special wellness socks, though the price may be a little high it's totally worth it.

If you plan on buying in bulk you can get Gold Toe socks for at least 50% off including free shipping at a new website 

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middle/late 70s for track and b-ball


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If you go to a sporting goods store that has shoes, you can find socks specific for walkers. They are very cushioned. I have a few pair in my sock drawer and love them for when you’re getting serious about walking.