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Happy Thursday


Just did some light rebounding today and pilates.  My active rest day.  Then get this, threw my lower back out on the left side/hip area after I was done.  Like it's weird.  I have a hair appt. at 1 so I am going to it haha.


Drizzly here and thunderstorms this afternoon.


Have a good day everyone

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Hi everyone--I meant to get here earlier but I have literally been in meetings since 730.  It started out extremely warm and sunny today, but we are overcast and it rained 3 drops at my house.  Honestly, I don't mind a cool day (especially since i am 'working'). I hope it didn't rain on the big parade though--if I were down there in that mass of humanity, I would want it to be overcast.  If it were hot and sunny, no telling how many people would pass out from the heat..


I did have my workout this morniing, good thing it was virtual.  My trainer has covid--despite being vaxxed and one booster.  He said it felt like a bad cold with the exception of a ridiculously sore throat.  He said it even hurt to swallow spit.  That's bad.


I have tomorrow off and I'm thrilled.  I've been nonstop this week due to the big deadline for the survey I have to do every year for my company.  The powers that be made me hire a consultant at the last minute and although his insights have been really good--this dude is overwhelmed trying to get all his clients through the process and everything is really last minute and I do not operate well under that.


If I don't get back before next week--everyone have a safe 4th of July weekend!!