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Good morning, all.  Snow, sleet and rain Saturday but yesterday was decent.  Rain started last night and is supposed to continue all day and rest of the week. more snow so I will not complain.


Looks like we won’t be going to my grandson’s graduation in May.  Long story but I think my ex husband coming has my son not wanting my husband to come.  Sad.  So, we’ll only be going to my current husband’s granddaughter’s graduation.  Family dynamics can be rough.


My daughter-in-law in Vegas is due to have her baby in May but she has diabetes and high blood pressure issues and has been in and out of the hospital.  Baby is not growing at rate expected.  This weekend has been very problematic.


My eating was up this weekend and I’m going to blame it on stress, lol.


Senior Cardio and Strength & Motion classes on tab today.  Have a great day everyone.

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Good morning, all!


Put me on the list of people with crappy weather today and tomorrow.  Our mountains are expecting 20 inches of snow overnight!  We're not supposed to get much in the city, but still--I'm over winter!


I went to PF yesterday and did their 30 minute workout.  I put the machines on the heaviest weight I could lift because you only do 12 reps on the weight machines and then 60 seconds of cardio/active rest.  I got super bored with that, so during that  60 seconds, I would do some of a zumba song!


Today is quick fit unless it is pouring rain by that time, then I won't walk down there.


@Mmsfoxxie , that's a shame about your grandson's graduation, but I understand.  I used to go to my stepson's activities, but it was my then husband who made everyone uncomfortable.  And it was because he was a jerk.  I don't know how long you've been divorced, but it seems like you are willing to just let things be so that everyone can attend family functions.


Can you believe it's almost May?  I can't--this year is flying by.


Hope everyone has a good day!

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Hey everyone, well today is cold, sleet, and rain...Icky.   Only 44 outside and for the remainder of the week.  I keep telling myself when I'm hot and sweating, this isn't so bad.


I did 30 minutes on TG, then some legs, and 40 minutes of rebounding on the reformer, Just came in from a 30 minute walk with Logan too.  


@Mmsfoxxie sounds like some ****** stuff going on for you and the family drama, reminds me of our family ****** here too.   Why does someone always throw a wrench into the picture which is supposed to be a nice family gathering.   Why can't everyone get along right?  Then your DIL and her problems, like my DIL, she has some serious problems in her pregnancy too, should be on bed rest but can't as they have a 18 month old, you don't rest with an 18 month old.  She has a Placenta abruption and Placenta Previa, so it's very risky for her, we are very worried.


Sometimes I think I need a day off of social media, and no phone.   It's overwhelming sometimes.  


@DrKelli  yes weather stinks, so tired of winter coats, hats, mittens...I mean we have no buds on the trees even here, and still patches of snow in the woods. 


Not much else happening here, maybe I"ll start the May thread.   Haha let the lurkers in....


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Good evening everyone.  Well today was my last day of my short vacation.  Smiley Sad


I did a few things around the house, did the begininng PiYo dvd again.  May do that for a few more days.  Getting used to using the ice chest - maybe I should have saved myself some money and not bought a new refrig and just used the ice chest!  HAHA


Not much else to report.  Sure could get used to this not working thing.....

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Hey hey, I'll get right to it, did TG workout for 40 minutes, really good burn, and then rebounded on the pilates for 40 minutes, stretched, and walking Logan in a bit here.   


@JudyL you could use my deck for a fridge, it's so cold here, 40 degrees is hot right when it's almost May.  Even next week highs in lower 40's.  We're in winter jackets, hats and gloves...Furnace on all the time.... good grief!!


I put up the new thread for those looking.   I always float it to the top so it's right there and I don't have to search for it.


What to make for dinner,,,,,,,do you ever get tired of the same thing week after week, and trying to eat healthy?


Not much else here either, so get busy and get those workouts in!