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That was me complaining about the vanilla in Coconut Splash @DrKelli.  Very over powering in the soufflé.  It's grown on me a little, though.  


Tell me...would you use the soufflé when preparing to go to workout.  I'm wondering if it would be annoying for others to smell while working out.  I've worn it a couple of times but mixed with regular lotion to tone it down.  Hubby has a cold and can't smell it to give an opinion.  Men smell things differently anyway.

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Hi Everyone!  Sounds like everyone is doing well keeping up with their workouts.  Can't believe I"m actually saying this but I will be glad when I can get back to working out.


Glad I extended my time off so didn't go back to work today.  Will go back next Monday.  Since yesterday, I have now developed a bad case of dizziness.  I'm assuming its because for 11 days I didn't lie down much.  Really spent more time sitting up.  Boy, when I get up in the morning or after a nap, I am so dizzy!  And it lasts for a while.  It is a bit better today but I still feel "off center" so to speak.


At least its a beautiful sunny day by the Bay!  Only went outside to walk to the mailbox but do have windows open and the fresh air is so nice.


Take care all!  


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Hello everyone ~I’m new to this group/thread but, not to the forums. I’m in (hopefully) my last week of a 10 week recovery from ortho surgery. So, I’m anxious to get back out there exercising, practising my yoga & my favourite; swimming! I live in NJ and yesterday & today it hit 90!! Not humid though thank God. I know rain is coming before the weatherman & I think we’re in for some this w/e.

A bit about me~I’m an early retired RN. Had to because of health issues 8 years ago. I’d still be working had all my health trials not begun! I’ve since gone back to school & obtained the American equivalent of an ASID from a local state school & a GG from the GIA. Always need to be learning & expanding my knowledge. Next will be writing & art history.

We have one darling grandchild at present, who is the light of our lives! Oh yes, and two grown, married, professional children who are quite good citizens of the world!!

Getting used to an empty.nest is a strange experience. Then my DH decided to retire after over 30 years with the same company! He now does consulting work. He mostly works from home and since I’ve been unwell recovering from surgery he’s become lord & master! lol!
That will be changing once I’m back to my normal!!!

Now, onto fitness & good health~ I’m trying to find the right fitness tracker for my needs. I’ve yried the Apple Watch & besides the ridiculously high price, it wasn’t living up to all the hype. And, we’re Apple people for the most part! I’ve tried a few lower priced fitness trackers from Amazon that were disaster just doing simple range of motion and some band exercises in bed. I’ve had to be non weight bearing for 7 of the 10 weeks.
I then ordered the new Fitbit Versa from B.B., in all black. Unfortunately it was registering steps while I was laying atop my bed with my leg elevated! So, back it went. I know it was incorrect as, I own the “Quell” device for severe chronic pain; which also counts steps; REAL STEPS! There was a massive difference! I’m now on backorder for the grey/ silver coloured device that I believe everyone in the country must want! It’s on backorder until the months end.
Not worries though, I lost 80lbs in the past 18 months just doing water weights & lap kicking in a therapy pool, without a tracker l. As well as, a radical change in my eating habits. Twenty more to go & I’ll be back st my fighting weight!
I wanted to know if any of you swim & if so, what do you do? Anyone do yoga ~ at home, a studio, type, etc..? Any swimmers here? Lastly, does anyone own the Fitbit Versa? I chose that for the 5 ATM waterproof feature, the sleep & 24 hr., heart tracking. Plus, they have a brilliant app!
I’m also thinking of eventually buying a Pilates Reformer. But, that’s down the road. We are empty nesters now & are slowly turning the children’s bedrooms into “our” rooms! I have loads of medical bills to sort out first.
I’m hoping the black Versa we had to return was a one off defect & I’ll be ok when the grey one arrives. I’ve heard it sometimes overcounts steps...but my experience was ridiculous!
So once again hello to everyone, I’m ever so happy to have found you!
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@Gemspirit, thanks for posting. Wow, you have done great things in the past months! Congratulations.


Please join us in the May exercise thread.  We start a new thread each month, so the other posters may not see your post here.


I know that several in the group use fitbit, but I don't know if they have your model.


Come on over to the May thread! Hope to see you there!

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@nomless~Thank you so very much for the lovely comments and the heads up! Maybe, I’ll just c/p my post since you’ seen to be the only one that has seen it.
I hope that’s alright. I don’t want to ruffle any feathers as a newbie to the group. I’ll go try to find the May thread now. Thanks again!