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My Dr. has recommended that I take B12, B6 and Folate.   I've heard so many things that say many vitamins don't do squat so to be very careful which ones you buy.


Does anyone have any info on this?   Which brands are reputable and which aren't?   Thanks.

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You can't go wrong with Andrew Lessman vitamins from HSN or his website; no additives.


There are many less expensive vitamins also that are very good quality.  I take many vitamins and all different brands.


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I totally agree with you.  Andrew Lessman is the best.

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@Bridgegal - If you live near a Vitamin Shoppe, their own store brand always rates very highly on Consumer Lab testing.


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Check out Lessman's, but then go to Vitacost and look for equivalents.  You'll get the same vitamin, but save money.  If you're going to be on them indefinitely, you can set up and auto-ship on the Vitacost site and save even more.  Depending on the cost, you could also qualify for free shipping.  

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Why did the doctor say this?


Many years ago one of my brother-in-laws was taking B12 shots all the time, and he got my sister to join him. Both of them had poor health, both their mental and body health were a mess :-( Both overweight, ate like fiends, drank like fish :-(

They invited me, I said No !!!!!


Me.......maybe as a 10 year old I took a vitamin, never again


You can watch a show like Dr Oz and what "paid" promotional guest he has on "that week" :-(

SPAM  :-(

good luck

 I go to WalMart, CVS,Walgreens, as far as I can see its vitiman this, vitaman that

Can all of them be right?


good luck

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Andrew Lessman also!  You can't conpare his products to others.  No fillers, no sugars, artificial coloring, etc.  Check his Essentials 1 to see if it contains Vit. B.  I think so.  I like that his products are in powder form in a gelatin capsule.  No hard rock tablets.  Besides having it on HSN, you may check out his website ProCaps.  They are more expensive, but definitely worth it.

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There are a lot of reasons to take Vit B. You can find vitamin b complex that will contain all of your b vitamins in 1 capsule. 


Spend the $ on veggie capsules and skip tablets as they are the cheapest formulation and usually contain talc and other additives. Mine are GNC.


Take your Vit B first thing in the morning. It may give you a boost of energy all day. It will also make you tinkle so if you hold water these should help. Avoid taking it too late in the day as it can keep you up. Also, dont buy huge mega doses of Vit B as it just gets tinkled out.

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I had a problem going to the bathroom from different types of medicines that I was on. I would go probably once a week my doctor saw nothing wrong with it. I switched doctors because of a change in insurance and he told me that was not normal. He told me to take 1 vitamin B1 tablet a day. I now go every day sometimes twice a day and have no more problems with constipation.

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I agree with Snowpuppy....I won't take geletin capsules.