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I've read about taking K2 with calcium.  But, my doctor's knew nothing about it when I asked.....not surprising.


I've been trying to get my calcium from food sources because of the heart risk of taking calcium supplements.  


I actually purchased a K/Calcium/D combo supplement, but haven't taken it yet.  I'd like to get a true medical opinion.

@onlyshopsonline You will not get a true medical opinion. Doctors are not taught about supplements & don't have a clue. When this was in the news doctors were telling patients to stop taking calcium. Instead of telling patients to stop taking calcium they should be able to tell you when to take it & with what. They only push Big Pharma drugs. If Big Pharma could patent supplements the doctors would know all about them.

I take Andrew Lessman's K2 with a 4000 IU D3. From what I understand you need to take calcium, magnesium, K2 & D3 together. The amount you take also has to do with your weight. 

@Nightowlz  I totally agree about doctors and supplements.  I just went through a huge battle to get a doctor to diagnose my hyperparathyroidism because, evidently, they don't know anything about high serum calcium levels either.  But, my husband has a friend who is a research doctor for the NIH and he's very knowledgable about supplements.  I'm waiting until my husband has time to contact him to get his feedback. 

You ay that your doctor doesn't know anything about serum calcium and hyperparathoidism?  Wow...and he passed his Boards?  I was admitted into the hospital 4 years ago with a UTI and dehydration.  I was diagnosed with hyperparathyroidism by my PCP who referred me to an Endocrinologist.  I had a nuclear medicine scan that showed 3 of my 4 parathyroid glands "lit up".  I was given a calcium supplment through IV but upon discharge, none.  I have my levels checked twice a year.  The cause was because MY body does not do well with diuretics.  My blood pressure medicine along with Lasix caused the problem with my parathyroid.  I also saw an ENT (who I know) and at the time I was 59.  He said he would not recommend surgery and for most people past a certain age, he feels the same and felt it is best to leave them alone for the most part.

That's my experience.  Again, I trust my physicians and I feel that there are those that will doctor shop until they get someone to validate their beliefs.