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Re: Vertigo?? HORRIFYING Experience

I had one severe attack of vertigo that sent me to the ER. They kept me all day for tests and decided it was vertigo. They gave me Meclizine. I still have very brief episodes of this if I change positions too quickly. They told me as you get older there are changes in the little hairs in your inner ear.

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Re: Vertigo?? HORRIFYING Experience

I have had something similar and yes, it's frightening.

A few years ago, I was going through the check-out line at the store. Everything was fine. Suddenly, things were spinning.....

I woke up on a stretcher. I had passed out and an ambulance had been called. It was terrifying, waking up on that stretcher, and now knowing what happened! I was so scared, I can't even tell you.....

They took me to the hospital and did tests. Couldn't find anything wrong. I'm not even sure they gave me a diagnosis. Anyway, I was out the next day. After researching online, I realized I'd had vertigo. I found the Epley manuver on youtube and that straightened me out.

As a memento, I have had tinnitus ever since.

The fear you're left with is worse than what happened to you ~ don't be afraid. Things become manageable again.

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Re: Vertigo?? HORRIFYING Experience

Cyn-First, I just want to say that I'm so sorry you experienced this. Second, yes, I experienced Vertigo and it is AWFUL. A few years ago I had one big episode followed by a few, smaller episodes that literally had me feeling pretty terrible for probably 6 mos. And some of that "terrible" was just the fear and anxiety that I was living in, waiting for another elisode. Mine was related to Labrynthitis, a inner ear virus. I was seen by my GP and then pretty regularly by an ENT (for Prob a year or more after my initial attack.) I have a few suggestions--please make sure to get a thorough work-up and possibly a second opinion on what happened. I am NOT a doctor; however, there is also something called a vaso-vagal reaction (?) that can produce the symptoms you described. Hope you find the help you need to figure this out and feel better.Smiley Happy
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Re: Vertigo?? HORRIFYING Experience

Vertigo is terrible. I've had many attacks of vertigo. I'm glad you're didn't last too long and you're feeling better now. I wouldn't worry about traveling odd are you will be fine.
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Re: Vertigo?? HORRIFYING Experience

I have had two episodes of vertigo in my life and i am so sorry you are going through this…I would not wish this on anyone! The first time I had it, I thought I had had a stroke. Please keep us posted on what the doctors find.

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Re: Vertigo?? HORRIFYING Experience

When you wash your hair, try not to get water in your ears, it sometimes affects the crystals in your ears and it makes you dizzy. I went swimming and it happened, now I wear ear plugs.

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Re: Vertigo?? HORRIFYING Experience

I had a bad case of vertigo, maybe about a year ago now, it was so horrible I don't even like to think about it. I was home lying on my son's bed and it shook and I got up and felt a bit off, then all of a sudden as the night progressed it got worse and the vertigo set in. I didn't get sick but I could hardly walk. It went away in about an hour and I felt better the next day. My sister has had this and alot of other people I asked also. I also have tinnitus and I know this can be an ear problem. I also thought maybe it was a sandwich I ate that day with mayo, maybe something was spoiled. Anyway you will be fine, if you talk to others you will find that these experiences are most of the time a fluke and don't happen often at all.

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Re: Vertigo?? HORRIFYING Experience

cyndog, I feel for you. I've been dealing with vertigo attacks for 30 years now. The first one I had was very traumatic - I thought I was in an earthquake with the ground shaking and spinning - but then I looked around and nobody else in the office was going through it. I was horribly sick then, too. It's fluid in my ears, which I've had problems with since my teen years.

I was given a prescription for meclizine, which helped a lot. Once it came out over the counter in Bonine (another travel sickness med), then my insurance wouldn't cover it, so I've been getting the OTC stuff ever since. I take it with decongestants to help open the drainage systems, and then deal with the imbalance problems.

I went for many years only having mild attacks, until just 2 months ago. Then I had another major one at work. I had to be driven home, where I was terrified all day. I'd forgotten all about those crazy bad attacks. Once the recollection came back, that evening I called a friend/neighbor and asked if they'd go buy me some meds. Thankfully, it finally helped, altho it took a long time to kick in.

I have the stuff with me in my purse at all times now, as I'm still going through minor attacks. I have allergies, and this has always been a big contributor.

I hope they don't continue for you, or at least that you get a handle on them. I would recommend getting some Bonine though. It's a different med than Dramamine and is much more effective. It's the same as what the doctors would prescribe.

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Re: Vertigo?? HORRIFYING Experience

OMG that sounds horrible. Did they do a full cardiac workup on you also? If not, and there is no obvious diagnoses, please see a cardiologist also.

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Re: Vertigo?? HORRIFYING Experience

Bless your heart... yes, I understand but in a different way because I've suddenly felt dizzy, room spinning, started retching, clammy and felt really horrible.... because of a pinched nerve in my neck~! It's frightening and I've lost a little confidence being by myself and I've had a lifetime of being independent. I've had another attack, far less severe and with radiating pain in my neck and down my arms... thought it was a heart attack but after a days worth of tests, it was also related to the pinched nerve.

One of the tests I had required me to take a shot of a radiation material that would allow the doctors to "see" what is going on. By the time they got me into the machine I had a full blown panic attack. Never had one in my life and now understand that the radiation material they inject can often trigger that horrifying fight or flight response. I freaked out! I couldn't/wouldn't take the test. Never in my life have I experienced panic. I used to be a 2nd Degree Black Belt... I don't panic. They told me the material takes a long time to leave your system.... and I had two more attacks over the next few months. Even thinking about certain things would trigger the start of the response. It's finally worn off... I think.

It's tough being a human being, isn't it? Hang in there and know we're thinking about you and wishing you well....

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