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@SilleeMee wrote:

The vaccine needs to be injected into the muscle (deltoid) and not the fat surrounding the upper arm. I've seen people getting vaccinated on TV where the person giving the shot is pinching the upper arm while putting the needle in. That is wrong and the vaccine could be useless when it's given that way. Immunity may not be achieved when the shot is not injected into the muscle.


"The importance of injecting vaccines into muscle"



@SilleeMee, I can't speak to the specific video you saw, but I can speak to the general discussion that if one sees the administrator of a vaccine pinching the upper arm to administer a vaccine it does not necessarily mean it is being administered incorrectly.


For vaccines, we generally use either a 1 inch or 1 1/2 inch needle.  Currently, there are places that are experiencing a shortage of the 1 inch needles and having to use the longer needles until the supply line can get the 1 inch needles there.  This has happened at the mass vaccination site I am volunteering & other places as well. 


When that happens we do a procedure called palpation to determine depth of subcutaneous tissue and the layer of the deltoid muscle.  This helps to determine depth to get to muscle and how much you may have to pinch up the layer of subcutaneous tissue to ensure getting to the muscle.  So we "pinch" up the skin, if you will to allow more depth to accomodate for the longer needle to make sure the injection does not go too deep into the muscle where it is more prone to hit nerves or bone.


Similarly, there are some really thin individuals that have teeny tiny arms so that a 1 inch needle will require pinching up the skin and adipose tissue to ensure not placing the vaccination too deep.


The article you cited here does talk about vaccinators that either pull the skin taunt (that is to allow for a deeper penetration & pinching up the skin to ensure the needle doesn't go too deep).


Just wanted to put that out there because it is certainly possible the video you saw was someone having to accomodate using a longer needle.  

Without seeing the specific video, it is hard to know for sure.  But just the other day I had a very thin female that I actually could have used a 5/8 inch needle for her vaccination.  But of course that length is not available so you have to use the principles and techniques for adjusting. 

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Thanks for that wonderful explanation @pitdakota . Much appreciated.

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@Annabellethecat66 holy cat do you live under a rock- the CDC said multiple times that if you do not get any reactions to the shot or minimal it does not mean it is not working- everyones body is different and you can't compare- all 3 shots are adequate to use your wording - just be glad you didn't get an extreme reaction cause it isn't fun

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I think whether someone has a reaction or not just depends on their immune system.  I know more people who have had a reaction after the second Moderna shot than the Pfizer shot.  I only know a couple people who had the J&J shot and neither had any reaction.


My SIL had Moderna and had no reaction with either shot.  Another relative had Moderna and 24 hours after her second shot, she started to get chills, had body aches and a bad headache.  She took 2 Tylenol and went to bed and was fine the next morning.  Someone else I know was down for 2 days after the Pfizer vaccine.  My bosses all had Pfizer and had no reaction after either shot.  2 other relatives had Moderna and no reaction. 


I had my first Moderna almost a week ago.  My arm was sore later that day and really sore the next day but not enough that I even needed to take anything for it. By Sunday I was fine. 

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@Trinity11 wrote:

Happy to report @Annabellethecat66  everyone I know that had Johnson and Johnson did great. My husband had it with no side effects, I had Moderna and no side effects either...

@Trinity11 , I'm glad you were able to get your vaccine.  It's my understanding that the second vaccine is the one that causes the immune response, not the first.  I think we have to wait until we have our second.  LOL

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@Kachina624 wrote:

@Annabellethecat66    Why do you call it "inadequate"? 


I also had the second Moderna vaccine yesterday and have absolutely no reaction, not even a sore arm.  I feel just like I do every other day.   I think reactions are very individualized and just depend on the person.  I suspect some are caused by the power of suggestion. 

@Kachina624 , when did you have it yesterday?  My relative had no reaction until 24 hours after her second Moderna vaccine.  

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@Annabellethecat66 I had the J&J vaccine 12 days ago and had no reaction.  I know of two others who got theirs at the same time.  One was 93 yrs. old, no reaction.  The other was 68 and said her arm was sore for a day.  I believe that with all 3 vaccines, some people have no problem, others do.  

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@chlema wrote:

@Annabellethecat66 I had the J&J vaccine 12 days ago and had no reaction.  I know of two others who got theirs at the same time.  One was 93 yrs. old, no reaction.  The other was 68 and said her arm was sore for a day.  I believe that with all 3 vaccines, some people have no problem, others do.  

Eighty four, got Pfizer two weeks ago and no reaction, not even a sore arm.

That was my second. No reaction with first.  Five friends got Phizer, no reactions.  Three got medera.  Two were sick for two days. One no reaction at all.  Depends on person.  My Dr. said I was very healthy.

Strange but those of us with no reaction drank tons of water before and after. 



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Hi @Annabellethecat66.  This is what your first 2 sentences looked like, and that's what everyone is asking about.  Did you accidently write "inadequate"?


"I got the second shot yesterday. Inadequate moderna shot yesterday."

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I was concerned that I got an empty syringe as I had no side effects at all from either shot. I had the Pfizer shot.  I never knew I had either of the  shots except for the bandage.