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Re: Vacation Canceled because of Snoring

Stacking pillows works!

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Re: Vacation Canceled because of Snoring



Well, it sounds as though your friend has not sought professional opinions from ENT docs.  I worked with ENT researcher, one of whom was doing great stuff relative to snoring.  There are a number of treatments available these days!  Plus, has she been evaluated for sleep apnea?  Quite often bad snoring and sleep apnea go hand-in-hand.


I agree with others that she needs to arrange for a hotel/motel room.


My husband has been snoring sooooooo loudly with body shakes for years and years.  Can't tell you how much sleep I've lost over the years and I wear silicone ear plugs, which make no difference.  Finally, told him to take his snoring into the guest bedroom or I would.  (With his fear of doctors, he refuses to have his condition evaluated.)


It would be a shame for the entire group to have a compromised weekend due to lack of sleep.  Hope your friend can determine a solution instead of staying home.

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Re: Vacation Canceled because of Snoring

@jackthebear wrote:

@AmyRose wrote:


Does this house have separate bedrooms, or is it "dormitory" style?


If there are separate bedrooms, she should be honest about her loud snoring and ask for roommates who wouldn't mind sharing a room with her, then keep the door closed during the night so others can't hear her.


I understand where she is coming from.  Some people ARE thoughtlessly cruel and do complain about loud snoring as if it's something the person can control!  Many absolutely do not want to share rooms with someone who snores.


I hope she can work something out so she can go and have fun!  Or, perhaps if someone else volunteered to stay with her elsewhere it would help her not feel like an "outsider."




try sharing a room for 25 years with a snorer


I do understand your discomfort, what I meant was that the person snoring can't control it so it does no good to complain about it and say cruel things to the person. And there is nothing wrong at all when someone does not want to sleep in a room with someone who snores.  I apologize for the misunderstanding.


And I agree with the poster who said it was very nice and thougtful of the person to not want to disturb the others so had decided to not go.  I still hope that something could be worked out so she'd be able to go and not bother others with her snoring.


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Re: Vacation Canceled because of Snoring

If this were me, I wouldn't let my snoring keep me from a road trip with my friends.   If I couldn't have a bedroom to myself, I would take an air mattress and find a place to sleep away from the others---a den, living room, screen porch, etc.    

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Re: Vacation Canceled because of Snoring

@Biftu wrote:

I guess, but they have rented a vacation home so everyone will be together in the house. It would be weird for her to stay alone in a hotel room somewhere else.

If they have rented a vacation home, there may be a solution in the home. We recently went to a family reunion and rented a house so we could all stay together. My sister stayed in a room that was really an office but had a futon in it. She was there by herself and could close the doors. There also was some kind of third floor lookout type room. It was not a bedroom but was away from the other sleeping areas. I could have put an air bed or cot up there for someone to sleep. There also was a theater room with quite a few recliners. Someone could could sleep privately there. Now, this home may not have these features but maybe there is some way to make a private sleeping area away from the other sleepers but still in the house. What about a basement, or a sofa in the family room. Look for any room or area that could be used as a slee[ing area away from the main sleeping area.