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Using air purifiers: allergies

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We have used air purifiers for a couple of years and still have morning drainage, congestion etc. We have increased dosage and type of allergy meds, use neti rinse, etc and still have no relief from "allergy"related symptoms.



I ran across this information:





8.  Concentrate germs and bacteria

Air purifiers generally work like a fan in reverse that attempt to pull the allergens from the air into a filter. That makes the area around the air purifier that much more full of local debris in the air since the flow of the air is towards the air purifier. This is one of the reasons that  sleeping next to an air purifier is not the best ideal.

9. Air purifiers can make allergies worse

Air purifiers can make allergies worse because they tend to pull the airborne  allergens in the room toward the air purifier. This can create a local area around the filter that is highly concentrated with airborne allergen




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Re: Using air purifiers: allergies

Thats interesting; i have been using them for years and i'm not sure why as i dont feel one bit better or different.  Thanks for the tipSmiley Very Happy

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Re: Using air purifiers: allergies

I have chosen purifiers that blow toward me rather than up, which means I'm breathing in the cleanest air around.


I also learned over the years that ionizing purifiers can cause increased irritation.


Thanks @granddi   Always something new to think about.

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Re: Using air purifiers: allergies

I have two air purifiers, one in  the family room and one in my bedroom.


Both my husband and I have allergies.  We also have two dogs who shed 24/7/365.


I love our purifiers.  They have helped with the allergy symptoms and keeps the dust and danger down.  My furniture used to be dusty an hour after I dusted and my black kitchen appliances needed to be cleaned from the dust that collected every night.  I noticed it the first thing in the morning.  They have cut down on my need to dust everyday.


We do not have to replace the filters, we can just clean them weekly.  I am always shocked at what they collect.


I would not be without them. Ours run constantly, we do not turn them off.  I also clean the air filters on my heat pump every month like clock work.

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Re: Using air purifiers: allergies

Interesting. My son-in-law has terrible allergies and asthma. I purchased an air purifier one holiday and set it up a few days beforehand, hoping he would be OK while he was here. It made absolutely no difference for him.
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Re: Using air purifiers: allergies

The site was BreatheBetterAir dot org.


4. Ozone

Air purifiers that clean the air with negative ions and UV tend to make ozone as a by-product. Whether you believe that ozone is straight from the devil or you don’t mind a little ozone if it is a necessary evil for reducing airborne viruses, the fact remains that breathing too much ozone can aggravate your lungs.


Which kind of defeats the point of getting a machine to help you breathe better.
Most ionic air purifiers create will below the amount of ozone that would be harmful. But there is the problem of putting to large of an ionic air purifier into too small of an area and getting a Overkill of 03.

Ozone also has a sharp odor that is reminiscent of bleach. Another defeats the point type of scenario. If you’re using an air purifier to help reduce odors then you  don’t exactly want a machine that adds an odor in return.

5. Make the Room Dusty

Air purifiers tend to make the area around the air purifier extra Dusty. And they’re purifiers that use negative ions can cause dust to settle throughout the whole area.




The entire article was NOT negative about using air purifiers. I will still use them but use the information to modify my use. 

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Re: Using air purifiers: allergies

I have horrible allergies too. The air purifier we have (Hunter) sits on the other side of the bed, near DH's side. 


Since we have had it I don't wake up every morning unable to breathe through my nose. I miss it when it's not on. 

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Re: Using air purifiers: allergies

@granddi @beach-mom @Natureluvr @Carmie @PickyPicky3 


I use a Homedic humidifier with the idea that the mist put into the air will cause the particles (pollen, etc) in the air to settle to the floor.

I wake up the next morning with much less sinus problems.

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Re: Using air purifiers: allergies

I've found that they have helped me quiet a bit.   I've also purchased a new humidifier to use this winter which I've found helps me as well. 

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Re: Using air purifiers: allergies

@granddi  I got my first air purifiers years ago after being diagnosed with asthma. I felt noticeably better in less than 24 hours. I never looked back. 

I no longer have asthma but I do notice I don't feel as good if the electricity went out for a while and I forgot to turn the air purifiers back on. 

Do pay attention to who it is paying for this kind of study and to the wording used. They tend to skew this kind of thing so they are going to benefit in some why.