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@Teddie said something to me in another forum that has prompted me to come back to this one. Like a wounded animal, I tend to pull inward and away to let pain heal. I sincerely hope you won’t feel disregarded for all your prayers and good wishes this past year, but I am just now able to tell you that Mr. G. passed away a few months ago.


If I were eloquent enough, I would be able to tell you how very much we both appreciated your concern and prayers. I kept him current on your messages, and they truly meant the world to him, to both of us.


Please don’t fret or feel sorry for me. My husband would not want me to be pitiful, rather to do well, so I choose to live a gratitude filled life. That gratitude includes all of you. I thank you, every one of you, for reaching out to and for us during his illness. In spite of its foibles, the QVC community is made up of a great group of people.

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@IamMrsG.  I am so sorry to hear about the passing of your husband.  I understand your pulling inward as I do the same thing.  Sometimes you just have to work through your grief by yourself without being distracted by the comments, regardless of how well-meaning, from others.  Know that we're thinking of you and come back when you feel like chatting.

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I’m so sorry for your loss. God bless you in the days and nights ahead.



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@IamMrsG@I am so sorry to hear that.I understand that you need time to heal.I look forward to the time that you feel able to come back and post here.I wanted to say that your post was beautifully written and I admire your strength.

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@IamMrsG, 💐🌺💐

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@IamMrsG  I am so sorry to hear about Mr. G's passing.


((((((((hugs and prayers))))))) to you.

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@IamMrsG, I have thought of you and your DH often. Especially when I wandered into the recipe forum. Hugs and prayers. (((((((( ❤️)))))))).

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