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I thank all of you for your well wishes ,prayers. Her neurologist referred her to a nerosergeon and they told her that where lucky to have the top nerosergeon in the count right here in Rhode Island. 



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Hope everything goes well for your wife.

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@Pooky1  I'm sorry to read this.  I'm sure you both must be overwhelmed with concerns and fears.  I'm a woman of faith and will be praying for both of you as well as your wife's medical team. Please keep us posted.  🙏✝️

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Sending good thoughts to you and your wife.❤️

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I hope the procedure goes well. 


Good thoughts for both of you.

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@Pooky1 , sending prayers and best wishes for a successful outcome for you and your wife.  LM

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Re: Upcoming brain surgury

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@Pooky1   Will be praying for your wife and for you.  Sounds like you have a good neuro doctor.


Try to take care of yourself while you are caring about/for your wife.


With warm regards,



Washington, DC

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Re: Upcoming brain surgury

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Normal pressure hydrocephalus?


My grandchild had a "shunt" successfully placed at 2 days old.


Hoping your wife's surgery is as successful as that one was.

We were told that the type of surgery done in this area (northeast US) is "state of the art".


Praying for her.


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 Take it that you indicated  she's having a ventricular shunt placed.

Will say a prayer for her to have a successful surgery and speedy recovery .

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Praying for a complete and easy recovery for your wife. Take good care of yourselves.