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For the last few weeks I have been experiencing nose coldness, and I did mention it to my doctor in early September. She did not have any explanation for it. She asked me if my hands and or feet were cold, and she asked to see my feet. It is just my nose, and is quite uncomfortable. Has anyone experienced this? 

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Did you look under WebMD, symptoms? May be you could start there. Not just one doctor may have the answer you need; and just from experience, I have found that to be true.

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Re: Unusual Nose Symptom

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She asked about your hands and feet because there's a circulation disorder called "Raynaud's Syndrome" that affects the extremities.

It's not usually limited to just your nose.


Google-search cold nose as a symptom...

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A quick google mentions menopause and thyroid.

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When you say your nose is cold, does it feel that way to you or is it cold to the touch? If it only feels cold, maybe it's nerve related. 

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