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I went to the HSN site and looked these up and the bottle doesn’t say which is preferred. I also googled the question and answers are all over the place. I’m currently taking Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics, twice a day. I tend to take mine on an empty stomach, right away in the morning and last at night. That’s what I’ve always done. There are live cultures in mine and I’d rather they get to work without the food. 


I guess you could try it both ways and see how you do. 

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if it's a probiotic, it's supposed to be taken on an empty stomach

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I have been taking these a week now. Thought I would give a update. I am not one who thinks supplements so much. I was so wrong. I can't believe the difference in only a week. Between digestive issues and itchy skin. I was taking a cheaper Walmart brand and clearly it was not a good probiotic. If I get most of this bottle finished and still see the it's working well I am just going to get the six month supply. Once you divide the price by six it's around twenty a month. So not bad for a probiotic that is working this good. I have also been eating more yogurt and added a candida cleanse supplement today. 

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@hckynut wrote:

After close to 2 decades reading and contributing to this Wellness forum, at times I am flummoxed. I read titles of threads that I have no idea what is being asked. Names of things I have never heard of in all these years.


Many seem to be the name of a latest and or fastest way to get skinny or the name of the latest supplement that is suppose to do?  Weight loss books/programs I get, but supplements that do exactly what, or for the human body? And how and in what way can that be measured? Blood testing/sense of feeling better/body functions working better?


I have no clue, but I am guessing many are purchasing these enough to talk about them here. Most of them I read just enough of the post to know what the "word" means, and then move on.


I take supplements, but only those that can show up in blood readings, and in which my body is on the low side of it. Others are done via other forms of medical testing, such as EF of the heart/Maximal Treadmill Stress Testing/Respiratory/Pulmonary Testing, and a few other metrics of measurements.


Been around long enough to know the "placebo effect". If a person takes something they believe is helping them feel better, great! But when it turns out to be no a "nothing pill or drink"?  Placebo! If one is willing to spend money on some things that have no way of being physically measured.










There are supplements that cannot be measured but DO have documented benefits. Probiotics, CoQ10, Omega 3, Lutein, D -Ribose, 81 mg aspirin, to name a few.