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For those of you who have had UTI diagnosis, how long does it take you to get rid of it.  I was diagnosed with a UTI on February 12 and and I still battling it. 


My family doctor is sending me to a urologist but he can't see me until May 8!!  I started running a low grade fever last week and they changed my antibiotic to Macrobid.  This stuff is awful.  I did call them and they are trying to get me in to see this urologist sooner.  My husband is furiours and so am I.  I'm also worried.  I've never had one before but many friends have and they tell me they can be difficult to treat and get rid of.


Just wondering what others have experienced.  Calling the doc again in the morning. 


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Watch it carefully, and if your fever gets worse go to the ER.  I don't mean to be alarming, but those infections can turn septic.  I know two people who got sepsis and spent time in the hospital getting treatment.

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I totally agree with Scooby, I'm diabetic and prone to this disorder more times than I can say, it's very dangerous and you do need to see a doctor immediately. I've been hospitalized with it.  Please don't wait.

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I was given several antibiotics a year ago for a UTI and it destroyed my immune system. It took 8 months to get healthy again. I started seeing a naturapathic Dr. and she has me taking a natural supplement called D-mannose for UTI’s. It can be found online or in Vitamin Shoppes. 

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@KentuckyWoman@Lori Kaye@Scooby Doo@waterlily  If your PCP cannot see you, what about the Nurse Practioner?  He/She will be able to help you just as well for a UTI - and the quicker, the better. Like another poster implied, these can become serious. You cannot wait a month! You must get help ASAP. Have you stressed the severity of the problem when calling for an appointment? Or ask to speak with your Doctor's Nurse? Those are ways to get in immediately. Smiley Wink 


If all else fails, find another physician willing to treat you this week or go to the ER for care!  Hope the Urologist is able to see you yet this week; keep trying his/her office, too. 


Drink lots and lots of water to flush your system out. Pure cranberry juice is great for the urinary tract, as are dried cranberries (in salads, oatmeal or cereals, with mixed nuts, fixed with pork or chicken, etc.).  
Best wishes. 

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When you get rid of this, cranberry extract supplements are good for maintenance. 

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The antibiotic given may not be strong enough 

this  happened to my daughter who is a college student and it spread to her kidney and she had to be in the hospital to receive  IV antibiotics 

please try to be seen by another doctor asap 

I also agree that D-mannose is an excellent preventative going forward 

good luck 🍀 

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@KentuckyWoman  I am sorry as they can be quite painful.  My mother lived with constant UTIs and was frequently on antibiotics.  She refused to drink water and my guess would be this contributed to the problem.  I hope you find a solution and that you feel better soon.  If it was me, I would be searching for natural remidies and be sure my lifestyle (i.e, sleep, stress, diet) is under control.  Hope you find a remedy soonHeart

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Oh, my.  So sorry you're having such a long term hard time with this.


I had no idea that that UTI could be so stubborn.  I had it once and other than stinging when I urinated (every 15 minutes) and there being a little blood, I didn't realize the deep ramifications of it.  One round of antibiotics got rid of it.  I didn't realize how lucky I was.

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Go to the ER. At a minimum, they should be able to help you feel more comfortable. There’s probably a urologist on call who could see you while you’re there. In January my husband went to the ER because he couldn’t pee. In addition to treating him, they called the on-call urologist’s office (who was in surgery that day) and got DH an expedited appointment the next day. My husband wasn’t happy with the urologist a friend had recommended. As the ER physician noted, they’re usually able to convince the schedulers in medical offices that the patient needs to be seen very quickly.