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@chickenbutt wrote:

I keep some Aleve on hand (Naproxen) and it can be very helpful.  But I won't take it very often and always make sure I eat something first.


The thing I hate about OTC pain meds is that each of them can do specific damage, but I always forget which does what.  I just know that one can hurt your stomach, one kidneys, and one - oh heck, I forgot the other one.  d'oh!


ETA:  I just remembered the other one - liver.  Smiley Happy  






Most OTC tests results are from taking pretty high dosages, and over a pretty sustained period of time. Unless I am mistaken, each one mentioned in this title, have a Max amount in 24 hours. If one takes that dosage over an extended period? Might want to check in with your doctor for advice.


Example: when I was ice skating, I took 1 tablet of Tylenol 8 hr. That is half the dosage, since it suggests 2 tablets for the 8 hours. Taken at most, 3 tablets per week? Pretty doubtful it would cause any liver damage to me.


Since I haven't been able to skate since the end of June, I have taken zero, Tylenol. The only pain killers put in my body were for in hospital medical procedures. 


Anyone that takes the Max dosage of any OTC med, would be wise to discuss this with their PCP, or a Pharmacist that knows your medical history, and all of your prescribed and OTC meds.


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I was told to take only Tylenol ES..when needed..

I am have great luck with Turmeric daily..which has really shocked me.

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Excedrin for headaches and Motrin or Advil for body aches.  I buy the name brands not the store brands.

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None....natural methods for pain control and mental work.  

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Aleve is all I use. It helps quickly for pain and is an anti-inflammatory. Tylenol, Advil, and Motrin don't do anything for pain for me. Tylenol for fever.

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I have HBP but dr told me to use Naproxen sodium (Aleve) for muscle pain, which I rarely have. I guess much depends upon the person. I am fortunate that I rarely have to take anything just for pain. Probably two Aleve every six months or so.


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tylenol extra strength--the others rip my stomach apart

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What you take and how much depends on the type of pain, your medical history and current medications. Please consult with your physician on guidance for the best choice for you.
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Just curious ..... does anyone here still take regular old Bayer Aspirin?   How about Bufferin?  

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I rarely need pain control thankfully, but when I do, I take two Tylenol and I am good to go.  I usually take a supplement for liver cleansing with the Tylenol as Tylenol is toxic to the liver.