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Has anyone ever had Trigger Finger? Any ways to get relief without surgery?

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I am sorry that this is bothering you.

I have had it and I went to my doctor and she did a cortisone shot. 

I am a knitter and not being able to knit for a few days was a pain.

I have had this done twice--two different fingers.


Hope things turn out well for you.


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Thank you

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Re: Trigger Finger

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Yes, several years ago I had "trigger thumb." I saw a specialist and got a cortisone injection. I was nervous but it did not hurt at all. But I had to also wear a splint on my thumb for awhile. I can't recall exactly how long it was but was certainly doable. The best part for me is that I've not had the issue return, thank goodness. 

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Maybe that's what I have. My ring finger gets stuck in a bend position and I just straighten it with a finger on my other hand.Happens on occasion.

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That's what my ring finger does. And the joint that attaches to my hand is VERY sore and tender. I can't even make a fist. 

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I have had this.  Comes and goes.  When I had wrist surgery a few years back went to an excellent therapist at the hand doctor's office.  I called about the finger.  The therapist advised me to try plastic oval splints, sort of like a ring, it worked.  I am a knitter and a few of my club members have also had this, one needs surgery.  They do work for some.  Good luck.  You can get them at W or A.  Just Google it.  

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I have been using a finger splint at night but I'm a secretary so I type a lot during the day. Perhaps I should try to use it during the day, as well.

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Yes, ring finger of right hand. Woke up one morning right after I retired and my finger wouldn't straighten out. Was able to "help" it open. Bothered me for about three months and then finger returned to normal.

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Yes, I had trigger finger from playing guitar a few years back.  Didn't go to the doctor but started taking tumeric vitamins (which I think is good for inflammation and joints) and miraculously the trigger finger healed within a week or so.  It's worth a shot.  Good luck!