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Have terribly anxiety for tomorrow.getting tooth pulled by a oral surgeon am going under.dont know what to expect
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I don't know the details of you're procedure. Is it more than a simple tooth extraction? That is done with a local injection. Wondering why you are having full anesthesia?

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I had my wisdom tooth pulled. Only got noviocaine. It was over and done in about 10 seconds.

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Sweet Dreams

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@sherrikay wrote:
Have terribly anxiety for tomorrow.getting tooth pulled by a oral surgeon am going under.dont know what to expect

I had this procedure two years ago. It is very simple. The anesthesia is an IV that just drifts you off to sleep. The next thing you know you just wake up. Whoever is your driver will be given an instruction sheet about care of the extraction site. Be sure they read it top to bottom. Gauze is in the site to contain draining. That was the only thing I didn't expect. Just change as directed or needed. They will send you home with a supply. Stitches dissolve so no need to have those removed. Thinking about it is worse than having the removal.


I know how scary this is, but oral surgeons have this procedure down pat. Call the office if you feel any concern post op, and they will answer your questions. I'll be thinking about you tomorrow and wishing you the best.

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I was awake for getting my lower wisdom teeth taken out about 10 years ago.  


I think if I had to do it again, I would ask to be put under.  It wasn't one bit painful, but it was just weird.  Like a LOT of pulling.  Actually, seemed like he was pushing, too.  That was the weird part.


Good luck tomorrow!

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I got three wisdom teeth pulled in one day with just the shots in the gums and some of the relaxing gas. It was not bad at all. I think the worry beforehand is so much worse than the process. You will be so relieved when its over and you will see ift was ok! Let us know how you do~ praying for some peace and quick recovery

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My tooth was broken to the root.  My dentist sent me to a root canal specialist. He said he couldn't save the tooth and sent me to the oral surgeon. The anesthesia is a lighter dose than what is used for general surgery similar to that used in cataract surgery. I suspect the tooth came out in pieces rather than whole like the ones done in the dentist office. Hence the need for a surgeon who can be sure it was all removed and the site is clean.

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You are going to be surprised how easy this will be for you. No, not all stitches are dissolving. Mine had to be taken out. Never felt a thing. The anticipation is worse than the procedure.

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It really is nothing.  The other poster is right you will have an IV drip and go into a very light sleep.  I rather enjoy nodding off that way!