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@SilleeMee    Sending you "cosmic good vibes", an e-hug, and a prayer.     I just went thru implants 2 years in a row.....and you have plenty of sympathy from me.   di

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I always go to an oral surgeon for an extraction. I had one removed about a month ago and it took him about a minute. I even said "are you done already?"  I was completely numbed up but not asleep or no laughing gas. I didn't feel a thing and it was over so fast. I used to want to be put to sleep if I had a tooth extracted but this oral surgeon convinced me it would not hurt and it didn't. I didn't want someone to have someone drive me so we decided to just numb me up and pull it. He was right. It sounds like you had a terrible experience and I hope you don't go back to this dentist for anymore extractions,. You should have have pain like that. These experiences are why so may people have a fear of going to the dentist. I've had root canals, crowns, extractions, etc. No pain. If you do you're going to the wrong dentist. I inherited my dad's teeth. Bless his heart.  

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@SilleeMee wrote:

I never had a tooth extracted until a couple of days ago when I had SIX removed and implants put in right after that. I have grafts and stitches all over my gums.I was in surgery for over five hours. It was one of the worst things I have ever been through in my life. I have scleroderma and my lips do not stretch so my mouth doesn't open like normal. They had to stretch my lips to get inside my mouth and it felt like they were going to rip apart. I can hardly talk or move my mouth right now. Pain killers are barely working. I'm not in a good place right now. I go back tomorrow for a post-op exam and I'm going to ask for something better for my pain. 

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@SilleeMee Worst tooth extractiions I had were four wisdom teeth pulled all at the same time. All were impacted and were growing sideways.  The dentist told me he left the root of one alone because it was wrapped around my jaw.  He said, "you didn't want me to break your jaw, did you?  I was a day hospitalized patient and just before I went out, I opened my eyes for a sec and thought I saw a tool just like a black and decker drill.  In the recovery room, a nun (it was a catholic hospital) told  me all the people in the hospital were praying for me.  Sister, I said, I just had four wisdom teeth exracted.

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So sorry to hear this, I had a back upper molar extracted, took all of about one minute with an oral surgeon. 

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