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Seems like my toe nails are just plain ugly these days, dry and yellowish.  Polish seemed to make them look worse so I stopped some months ago.  My yearly physical is today so I will show them to him to see if fungus.  But I have never had any kind of fungus, like athletes foot.  I just wonder if they are part of the aging process that no one tells you about?

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I stopped using polish a year ago because my nails were yellowish and dry.


Fast forward a year, they are so much better. I get regular spa pedis and no polish not even clear.

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I know that mine have aged. Dr said no infection just part of aging for some of us. I take extra care and apply almond oil or whatever I have each night. I only polish in the warmer months. Hope this helps.

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Yes, absolutely, along with every other part of the body.  It's tough aging.

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If it turns out to be a fungus, don’t ignore it. One of my big toenails developed a fungus when I started menopause. It got yellowed/opaque and pretty thick (at one point, it was so thick I could only wear round-toed shoes). Up to that point, I’d never had athletes foot or any other fungal issue. Although there’s a prescription antibiotic that can clear it up, I opted against that due to an allergy and potential side effects. Over the years, I tried a variety of OTC treatments. Some didn’t work at all, while others worked for awhile before quitting. I finally found a product on Amazon called Probelle Natural Fungal Nail Gel Treatment that has gotten my toenail almost back to normal over the course of 6 months.  I never polish my nails, but keep them neat and trimmed. Although I steer clear of most pointy-toed shoes, I can now wear most other styles. Good luck! 

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Yes, nails on the fingers and toes are both affected by age. A lot of people develop splitting nails or discoloration with age. Nails can also be an indicator of other illness, so getting them checked is important. I'm glad you're going to ask your doctor about them!

If it's not, there are other things you can do to help. My nails get brittle and break every winter as the air gets dry and forced air heating comes on everywhere. Now I mix jojoba oil and vitamin E oil and rub that into my nails and cuticles a few times a day and go to bed with a moisturizing lotion and socks on at night and it helps prevent that.

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Thanks everyone, very helpful replies.

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My toe nails have not aged and they look the same as they did when I was younger.


Polish stains the nails and can cause them to look yellow. I remember when I was in High School...a long, long time ago and wore orange polish for Halloween.  My nails were yellow for almost a year until they grew out.  


Some colors stain worse than others.  Always use a base coat and allow it to dry before applying a colored polish.

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Sadly common with aging. My friend uses tea tree oil every night on hers. Helped a great deal. Sister uses Vicks vaporub. Good results,too.

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Re: Toe Nails, Do they age?

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@Shawnie, I started adding WEN Tea Tree oil to my footsoaks years ago, following prolonged serious illness that made even THAT part of me unattractive!


I also rub the oil into my nails before dressing.

It's made a big difference the the appearance and health of my feet & toenails.


My toenails aren't thickened or discolored.

They look as they looked when I was a healthy youngster.