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I have tinnitus.  I don't have hearing loss.  In fact my doctor says I have exceptional hearing for my age.  It's not a wooshing sound or a buzzing sound.  It's a very high pitched, like feedback sort of sound continuously.  I can't narrow it down to a specific ear.  It can be so loud I can't believe it can't be heard by someone standing next to me, much less someone with a stethoscope. 


My ENT has no reason for it.  Not wax.  And the only thing he recommends for it is a supplement that he says works for some.  It's called Lipo-Flavonoid Plus.  But you have to take it 3X/Day forever, assuming it actually works for you.  I chose not to bother.  


I do sleep with a sound machine, but I have been doing that for over 20 years so I can't say it helps with the tinnitus when I sleep.  The tinnitus could be the reason I feel the need for background noise almost all the time unless I'm outside.  

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@bonnielu most people don't even realize I wear one.  Now that my hair is super short (regrowth after losing it), I'm sure they can see the aid behind my ear, but it's no different than wearing glasses.  If you pay attention, you will see a great many people wear hearing aids.  Don't let your ego get in the way.  I hate not being able to hear people and it is annoying to others when you keep saying "What?" every time they speak. (I don't know if you do that).  Hearing loss can lead to other issues, including isolating yourself because you don't hear conversations.


If you do have hearing loss, don't cheat yourself--wear the hearing aids.  They are so small now, they really are unnoticeable.  I started wearing them when I was 55.

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@bonnielu wrote:

Just saw this post.  I have had sudden hearing loss with Tinnitus.  Left ear but with treatment to my a rountine MRI. Needless to say I am a bit scared.  


I really don't want hearing aids.  Not wanting anyone to know I have them.  And they tend to be very expensive.  

Yes it is scary!

Early this year I noticed that my hearing was less in the Right ear when using my phone. I first thought it's just an aging thing that I will take care of soon. To my surprise, the ENT ordered a MRI. What, you think I might have a brain tumor! Yes, that is a possibility when the hearing loss is sudden and one sided. My MRI was normal and the cause of my loss was unexplained.


Next came the hearing aids. Where do I go and who do I trust? Teach your self as much as you can about the types. Talk to others about their experiences with hearing aids. 


Hearing aids are expensive. Most have a life of about 5 years. Consider Care Credit if you want payments. Most states allow a return policy of at least 30 days for hearing aids. I went to a private hearing aid seller owned by audiologist. I tried 2 types and did not like either. I did not get good "hand holding" during the trial. I next went to an audiologist in the office of my ENT. I wear one HA behind the ear and it is OK. I don't hate it but honestly with one ear that hears near normal, I wear it bc it is what is recommended. 




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If I could afford medical care I would definitely try hearing aids.  I am having diminished hearing for a while now and have had tinnitis for a long time.


Most of the time mine is so loud that it  takes either putting in headphones and cranking up the music volume VERY loud, or being at an actual concert, to over-ride the tinnitis.


Just as I saw this thread I noticed that it's pretty low right now.  That's very seldom so it's a treat.  Usually, mine is the sound of a zillion cicadas in my head, combined with other sounds. Then, when there is a sudden, loud, or shrill sound the high-pitched 'ringing' starts, on top of the rest of it.


I sure wish there was a way to make it go away but I learned early on to not pay attention to scam ads that say they can fix it.  Don't fall for any of that!


Wishing everybody who deals with this the best.  It can be really awful.  Half the time I can barely hear over it and if I'm in a situation where there is more than one sound going on I just can't hear any of it - it's a big garble of sounds.


I've gotten to where I really HATE tv shows that have live audiences.  That's about all I can hear much of the time so I miss the actual talking on a talk show or a sitcom.


With mine, it seems that  my left ear is the worst for hearing and the tinnitis.  My husband, who has a rather booming voice has taken, in recent years, to kind of whispering when he talks so I never hear most of that.  I won't even go into where that leads.  😒

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My husband experimented with hearing aid from BOSE. 

If I remember they were about $895 for the pair with 90 day trial.

He compared them to Costco and said that the Costco were better but for the price he reported that the Bose were pretty dang good. Apple will have hearing aids in the near future. 

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I, too, thought I had exceptional hearing and figured only one ear was affected, but he did say I had some hearing loss in the other ear, but no need for a hearing aid on that side.


He sent me for an MRI and I'm glad I didn't even think about a brain tumor!  But I did think about claustrophobia and asked for something to get me through it.  


If I had to, I could probably go on the rest of my life with my hearing as is, but if I can get some help, I'd be happy.


I hope some day they will be able to cure the different types of hearing loss and they'll be no need for hearing aids.  Look at what they can do for the lens of your eye now!



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My thanks to each of you.  My story is I have the tinnitus in my 90% deaf ear.  I have had 2 MRI and CT scans.  I wear a Costco aid in my other ear and I don't care who sees it.  I usually sharewith people my situation so they now.  I see an Audiologist , allergy, and trying to find an ENT to help me cope.  My primary Dr., who I have had for 8 years wants to treat for depression.  I wouldn't be anxious with it weren't for the noise.  It is a big night problem.  I take good care of my hearing aid, no moisture etc.  Thank each of you for caring.

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I have tinnitus and leave a radio on all night, it helps.  I listen to boring sports radio and it puts me to sleep. 

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@mattyliz These two YouTube videos have been very helpful to me, especially the first one regarding the reflexology points for the lymph nodes around the ears.  HTH



Watch "How to Unclog Your Ears with 2 EASY Ear Reflexology Points for Instant Ear Drainage" on YouTube



Watch "How to Naturally FIX a Clogged Ear | DIY Plugged Fluid Filled Inner Ear Remedy" on YouTube

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I think I got tinnitus from Nsaids I take for my bad hip. I would definitely do a review of any meds you might be on that could cause tinnitus