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@PilatesLover wrote:

I'm horrified over doctors telling people to just wait! Where I live the doctors put you on antibiotics immediately. 


My husband has Lyme disease complications. The tick that bit him never attached. I discovered the bulls eye rash on the back of his arm, who knows show long after the tick bite, while putting lotion on his back for a sunburn. Not a single tick on him. The doctor said that the nymphs do not need to attach to infect you.


It's nothing to fool around with. Years later he is still plagued with joint pain and fatigue. I always know when the Lyme is flaring up because he gets angry over any little thing and I can't talk to him.


It's serious - don't ever let a doctor tell you "Just wait and see."

There are places in this country that have a greater risk of Lyme infection than others.  The over prescription of antibiotics may be a greater risk than the remote possibility of Lyme, which can be treated effectively after symptoms appear.

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@CrazyDaisy , I have to difffer. My husband was treated after the smptoms appeared, he was horribly sick for weeks, and he has complications to this day. In his case, being treated after the fact was not effective at all.


It's everyone's own decision to make. Just putting our experience out there.