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@bargainsgirl wrote:

I too have thinning hair due to age (64), heredity, and Tamoxifen.  Thought of trying the laser hair tool but chickened out!  Maybe Viviscal?  Supposedly natural and safe.  I will not use Minoxil.  I do take Biotin.  Not sure if it helps...

@bargainsgirl You could try Rosemary Oil with a few other oils mixed with a carrier oil. Google Rosemary Oil vs Minoxidil for hair growth.

I won't use Minoxodil either. My sister tried it and said it made her scalp oily/itchy. I could not imagine putting a chemical like that on my scalp daily from now on.

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Using Extra Virgin Olive Oil on your hair, and massaging your scalp with it works wonders.   Also I found going on a nut diet helps cleans the hair follicles promoting stronger roots.

Last resort, is get hair plugs.   Either that, or  go au natural.  Lots of women enjoy the bald look.

Good luck.

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I think it can be hereditary.  Also, I think that hormones play a part in it, too.  I lost part of both ovaries at 21.  Then, at 47, they took what was left of them out along with a total hysterectomy.  I think it is harder for's a bummer for sure. 


I wear wigs anytime I leave the house now as I cannot hide it. My worst spots are on the top, top front, and crown area.  I am so thankful for how far wigs have come.  While I would prefer my own hair for comfort reasons and while I miss my fine but thick hair, I do get lots of compliments on my "hair" now!