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Re: These 11 Popular Sodas Tested Positive for a Potential Carcinogen VIDEO below

On 2/19/2015 javala said:

To each their own I guess, one may have this caviler attitude now until they are in the middle of the battle when maybe the one can no longer turn back...

When the enjoyment of life becomes a reality where you start to notice aches and pains but tell your self that is part of getting old Madison Avenue myth, (MAm) or your hearing gets worst, vision to the point can't read or see TV, mobility to the point of it is too much bother, next the lymphatic system gets trouble some, blurry vision, rubbery legs, no get up and go, the world just keeps getting smaller and smaller to the point it is a breeding ground for Cancer, and if one would have only taken the time to learn what other options are available they could be one of those living an outstanding life until they died...

BTW that was a Consumer Report

Is '4-MeI' in Your Soda? (And Why Should You Care?) | Consumer Reports

Years ago our pops and sodas never had these questionable ingredient in them but than they were never to the point of addiction either... it was an enjoy refreshment..

I so agree Jav. My mom passed 26 years ago today and on her death bed she said to me, "take care of yourself. Don't do to yourself the way I did". When dad died she stopped caring, stopped her medicine and just had no will to live. The following year she spent 13 weeks in ICU and then decided to live again.

Those words have echoed through my mind for years and now at age 57 I am regretting not heeding her advice. Overweight, generally unhealthy and now fighting latent TB and rheumatoid arthritis along with 3 other autoimmune diseases. If I had started a health lifestyle back then, who knows, I may not be going through all this B*S I am dealing with now.