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The NFL Divisional Playoffs.

As I type this the first Divisional game is underway and the Steelers are trailing 21-7. It's been a pretty bad first half for the Steelers with lots of penalties and mistakes. I'm thinking the Ravens are going to pound the Steelers with the running game in the second half to try to keep control of the game. If the Steelers can't stop the run game (Ray Rice in particular) in the second half, then they're going to lose. That bye week may have been a detriment to the Steelers. The Steelers need to regain momentum and they need it fast.

The second game tonight is the Packers/Falcons. I'm thinking we may see the same sort of game there with the Packers pulling ahead early and then grinding out the win. A lot of teams have a hard time getting back in gear after a bye while the teams that have been playing have momentum on their side.

Fly!!! Eagles!!! Fly!!!