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I try to use Meal replacement shakes, which are different than protein shakes.
This is made with WHEY and the amount of bloating and gas is just not worth it!
Find a meal replacement that is plant based and does NOT contain whey.
If it is chocolate, I find it must go in the blender, add a tablespoon of Hershey's 100% cacao baking chocolate powder and it makes it much more chocolate.
I also add a half of avocado to make it thick and creamy.
Important to eat with a spoon in a bowl - you inhale too much air if you drink it or use a straw and again, the bloat will be back.
There is no fiber to speak of in these, so I try to eat meals with fiber and substitute this for a meal. Otherwise, you'll have a few bathroom breaks. Nothing wrong - it's just that you are drinking liquid.
I didn't care for the Vanilla - put blueberries in the blender with it.
The chocolate is fine, particularly when I doctored it with cacao.


Tried several brands to get a decent vanilla as I can doctor the chocolate. No luck other than Garden of Life - and that one isn't great.

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Re: The GNC Shakes on Sat AM

Slim Fast Advanced Nutrition are great for a meal replacement...comparing the nutrition facts it seems like this may be better than the GNC shakes..and taste great !

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Re: The GNC Shakes on Sat AM

Pass.....    I'm in a wellness program, I lost 50lbs a few years ago with their meal replacement shakes and dinners.  I'm in maintenance and I'll be in it for life.  I still drink a double shake for either breakfast or lunch.  I have one of their dinners twice a week.  I don't see the point of a meal replacement shake that you have to add a bunch of food and calories too, to make it thick.  My shakes get very thick in the blender with a bunch of ice.