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Re: The 10000 steps a day myth

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Sometimes I think the 10,000 steps for health just translates to....

roughly 75-90 minutes people aren’t shoving bad food in their piehole.  

No wonder they lose weight...just replacing their evening cookies with walking.  

It’s not the actual walking, but replacement. 

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Re: The 10000 steps a day myth

@sidsmom wrote:

If one wants to get FIT....walk.

If one wants to get’s diet.


If one walks 5 miles a day but still eats an icky diet,

you’re only working on the fit portion. You’re still not healthy. 


We Can’t Out-Exercise Bad Diet

Exactly.  I know so many people who eat like carp everyday but are at the gym 1+ hours and then complain that they aren't losing weight, aren't getting in shape, scale isn't budging, etc.    When it is suggested they watch what they eat, they respond with "but I exercise over an hour a day."  SMH    

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Re: The 10000 steps a day myth

I think the point is to set a goal. If your goal is 10K steps then good for you. If not, no biggie...just do what you can and keep moving. Moving is the goal.