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If anyone is interested in at home exercise program, I encourage you to check out Team Body Project. There are many free ones on Utube. This British couple, now living in Australia are wonderful. Their mantra is "Progress, not Perfection". They are not drill seargents by any means but encouraging in every way from the fittest to the not so fit. I subscribed to their website for one year for $129 I think. (Even bought a Roku to stream on my tv.) There are over 500 workouts with the subscription and some are divided into progressive  2-week programs.  The videos are inclusive of real members of every age, shape, size, weight. Everything from a seated program, walking cardio, stretching, yoga to air boxing. Most are standing and low impact. All are adaptable to your fitness capabilities. For some there is even closed captioningl 

I am 65 and have changed  my muscle strength and tone, improved flexibility, stamina, and balance and have a healthier outlook in just the last 5 weeks. Admittedly, not lost significant weight, but inches all over. I look forward to exercising for 30 minutes everyday! In no way do I work for them, but just so overjoyed with my progress that i wanted to share! I am off to buy a new pair of jeans.

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I took a look....great energy!  Accessible to those wanting to get back into shape....over 1,000,000 views.  This was on You  Thanks @Shiloh09 .....I'll bet these videos are just right for many posters.

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If you are interested to try, Team Body Project has free videos on YouTube.  You can start with that. I am sure the subscriptiom is better with more content. But for people who want to try for free, there are free contents on YouTube by Team Body Project.  I tried a few workout videos by them. It is very good.

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In this Wellness category, a thread was started recently called Favorite At Home Exercise and several of us mentioned the many wonderful videos on YouTube. I mentioned Team Body Project. My husband and I found them over a year ago. We don't do their videos everyday, but either one of us does a few times a week. They are very good. YouTube is a great source to find exercises pertaining to your specific level and what you are looking towards doing. Use the search and just start typing your interests!