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Re: Take this for what it’s worth -

NC  We have all vaccines and booster available everywhere.

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Re: Take this for what it’s worth -

Have you heard of "long covid"? Perhaps this is what you are suffering with now. There are some hospitals in my huge city doing long covid recovery programs. Thank you for sharing this and I wish you all the best in the future. 


We had a strange virus going around that four of us got. None had been together to share it. But basically, body aches, fatigue, gastro distress, slight cold like symptoms. My friend was really sick for two weeks, mine was 5 days, the other two people got over it in 2 days. My friend and I did the home tests which came up negative. No one sought covid testing because it wasn't clear what we had and at that time the testing places were packed. But now my friend and I wonder if we had omicron or if this is just a general virus spreading in our area. 

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Re: Take this for what it’s worth -

@Growing - Thank you for responding.


My doctor had considered Long COVID and also an ongoing thyroid issue, but as of now, the Major Suspect is That the stress of the last few years has caused a fibromyalgia Flare.


I'm in the process of moving through the things that helped relieve my last flare, several years ago, and hoping for the best!