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Re: Stomach Flu Virus is going around

I think it's nice of you to take care of her in your home, but I would be uber cautious about it spreading to you and yours.

Wash, wash, wash hands every time you are near her. If possible don't use the bathroom she uses and be careful cleaning it after her.

If you have a dishwasher with the sterilization cycle, by all means use it.

You don't want to get sick yourself.

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Re: Stomach Flu Virus is going around

There are plenty of reputable medical web sites on the internet which also state the stomach flu does exist and is also known as Viral Gastroenteritis and I am not about to tell the Mayo Clinic and my Physician that they are incorrect.

Below is a link from the Mayo Clinic which states all one needs to know about "The Stomach Flu"......Yes there is such a thing, and it is also called The Stomach Flu, as well as Viral Gastroenteritis, and yes many Physicians also refer to it as The Stomach Flu.

How long am I contagious if I have the Stomach Flu?


My neighbor was finally able to keep some lite applesauce down. She could not keep the down the rice I boiled and mashed in the for now it is pedialyte, applesauce, ginger ale with no fizz, and I am making a pot of black tea and will add some honey to that. I know that helps stop the dry heaves and pain in the stomach. (At least it worked for us when we got sick overseas).

Thanks again for all your concern and kind words, they really mean a lot to all of us.

I will update again and hopefully it will be to say hooray she is not ill anymore.

Phillip and I decided to keep her an extra few days to make sure she really is okay and also have the physician see her again before we tell her she is okay and can go home.

(Brought her 2 cats here earlier, and thank goodness they get along with the dogs).

I told her we would feed, play and watch them but prefer since she is ill they have no immediate contact with her, but we do go to the front of the doorway so she can see them and talk to them, and they know she is near by. When they see and hear her voice they start to purrr.

I know she loves them and they are her babies, but her constant stroking them and then touching her face can't be good at this time, especially since her body is already infected with The Stomach Flu.

I think for the very young and elderly it is extremely serious, and they must be cared for by someone at home, and see a Physician, or if no one then go into the hospital if they are elderly and all alone.

It seems to be going around everywhere now, and is very painful and can turn quite serious if a person loses all their electrolytes and dehydrates. If that occurs they could become listless and unresponsive very quickly, and that is so very frightening.

Also many elderly are on life sustaining meds so they need medical attention to ensure they receive them in addition to caring for them while the have "The Stomach Flu".

Will update again, and again many thanks and blessings for your kind words.

BTW This "Stomach Flu" is making the rounds throughout the U.S and will continue to do so for a while.

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Re: Stomach Flu Virus is going around

One of my coworkers has the stomach bug and she's been sick since this past weekend. She came in to work today-still sick and looked BAD and we all got upset w/her and told her to go home and see a doctor! She finally left after a few minutes but golly I wish people wouldn't come in to work sick and get the rest of us sick.

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Re: Stomach Flu Virus is going around

Nice of you to care for her but I hope you don't get what she has.

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Re: Stomach Flu Virus is going around

Are you a young woman yourself? Because taking care of someone with gastroenteritis leaves you open to getting the same.

Stay well....

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Re: Stomach Flu Virus is going around

What sort of ""meds"" did your neighbor get from the Doctor? For a stomach flu?

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Re: Stomach Flu Virus is going around

I have had this bug or whatever you call it since January 31st. I missed work February 2nd - 4th. I have eaten bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast. My system was starting to run I thought correctly and then had issues again. I graduated myself to protein too quickly and doing the above mentioned foods again. It totally wipes one out that is for sure. I will add yogurt tomorrow and then maybe some solid foods like starchy vegetables on the weekend. When I watch TV commercials showing restaurant foods it is making me so hungry for foods other than what I have limited myself to eating. LOL

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Re: Stomach Flu Virus is going around

Dell, I am so sorry that you haven't been feeling well.

I have chronic GI issues, and sometimes when I have a flare-up of one of my conditions, I have to back down on what I am eating, and just go with more mild and gentler foods.

I have a list of foods that I eat, for when I am not feeling well.

So, when we are ill, sometimes it is just better to do that too in my personal opinion-and eat lighter foods-until we start to feel better.

I truly hope that you feel better soon, and that you get better as each day goes by.

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Re: Stomach Flu Virus is going around

I am so impressed, and happy, that there are still people out in this big crazy world that truly care about others!

This neighbor is incredibly lucky to have you care for her. I feel so bad for any elder person who lives alone and no one cares about them.

What a wonderful thread to read. (Not wonderful that a neighbor is sick, wonderful that you CARE enough to taker her in, take her to the doctors, etc).

Adore, you are one very special person.

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Re: Stomach Flu Virus is going around

Try to use paper towels to dry hands, washing hands frequently. I would even use paper plates, bowls, cups and utensils. Lysol door handles. Glad to hear there are still kind hearted people in the world. Real homemade Jello tastes much better than the ready made kind.