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Re: Still in pain from wipeout in ice in Feb! Normal or not?

You have no idea what injury you've sustained.  This is not the place to ask opinions, without having consulted a physician first.


Please get a referral to an ortho spine specialist soonest.  That is going to be your best and only course of action.

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Re: Still in pain from wipeout in ice in Feb! Normal or not?

@gulf coast girl wrote:

I feel your pain, I really do. I slipped and fell back on Sept 3rd of 2014, going on 11 months now and boy did I ever hurt myself bad. I immediatley went to the er, they gave me an xray, 2 presciptions and sent me on my way. Two months passed and I still could narely walk, the pain level was still at #9 out of 10. Went back to my doctor and told her I wasn't getting any better at all, she gave me two more prescriptions and sent me on my way. Still again two more months went by, still not one bit better so i asked everyone here on this forum what should i do, they all said, "go see an orthopedist". So the very next Monday I called to get a referral for an appointment with an orthopedist, had to go see my regular doctor again to get one. 


I went, walked in and told her I wasn't getting any better, I asked for a referral for an orthopedist, she looked right at me and said, "what can they do for you that I can't".


She didn't give me any referral, she suggested I have a shot put in my knee, so since she's the one in charge I went along with it. My leg hurt worse after the shot in my knee. The pain level went back up to a 10.


Two more months went by and by now I'm cussing at my husband everyday just out of frustration of having no relief from this terrible pain. I called the doctor's office once again, went back in and this time she sent my for physical therapy. I went dutifully for 7 sessions and then they said there was nothing more they could do for me.  


Here I am now going on 11 months and I still cannot walk without constant pain, my leg will not straighten out all the way. I guess I get to live with this for the rest of my life all because my doctor wouldn't send me to an orthopedist, according to her I didn't need one.


What I'm trying to say is I guess pain this long of time is normal. 




See, I'd suggest you get a new doctor. It's your back not hers and, you're the one in pain, not her. If she can't take it (your asking for another doctor's help) I'd call for a new doctor. I don't have a lot of patience with pain. You deserve better than that. Her ego aside, do what you have to for you!!