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Re: Stent left in after removing kidney stone

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To be fair, you don't really know what the nurse was thinking.  Your daughter should call the surgeon's office back and ask to speak to to the surgeon or request that he call her back asap.  The surgeon can assess whether her level of pain is normal or not and advise her on pain control.  


Surgeons are not always in their offices to return calls, the reason they have nurses and assistants.  They spend a great deal of time in the hospital visiting patients in consult, postop and doing surgery as well as spending time in the lounge with other doctors discussing cases which they deemed complicated or unusual.

Well said and exactly what I have found. Surgeons most always delegate to someone else when a problem arises. I have one that is like "The Great Oz."

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Re: Stent left in after removing kidney stone

Hi. I had my first and only stone 4 years ago. I had surgery to remove it and my stent was in for 17 day. 


I honestly think that stent is Latin for "of the Devil". It felt like I had a wire hanger jammed between my kidney and bladder. Some people say to drink more so the stent "floats". That didn't work for me.


I spent a good portion of those 17 days curled up with a heating pad. I also took over the counter pyridium which is AZO. That helped a wee bit.


Also, I had bleeding the entire 17 days, which my doc said was normal.


Everything- pain, bleeding, needing to go to the bathroom frequently immediately resolved upon removal of that darned stent. 


Wishing your daughter the best.