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Re: Staying safe and well for Thanksgiving guide

Just me and my wife and our 5 furry ones. Don't even know if she is getting a Turkey. Since I don't eat those types of things I don't usually ask her. 


Come the day after! Yea/Yea, the rink is open for ice skating. So I will get the day before and the day after skating. First time 2 times in 1 week since March.


Friday they have a Max number of skaters. Have to call in and reserve your spot(s) to skate. Think the max is 50 on the ice.


Since I only have 1 sister left in my family, and she has grand and great grands? Don't know her plans, but her and her husband are 87, and healthy. Her son and son-in-law are both MD Doctors, and the both have the same 1st name. They may have plans, I am sure it will be small however.