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Re: Starting antidepressants

I sincerely appreciate the responses. 


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Re: Starting antidepressants

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No I was not. After being in the "black hole" to the point of ending it all, all I was concerned about was returning to a better semblance of life. At that point, nothing in my life mattered other than hoping for relief.


That was in the mid 1990's, And though the meds have changed a couple times, I am still taking 3 of them. That along with continuing visits with my psychiatrist I have regained my real life back.


I will never see myself as being "cured", but always as recovering. My 7 day in-patient diagnosis was Clinical Depression and Panic/Anxiety Disorder. All days are not sunshine and rose's. There are days where I have to work on to keep the field level, but for me that is no different than keeping my physical body where, for me, is normal.


A person recovering from any setback, be it physical or mental, has to WANT to get better, along with always being OPTIMISTIC. Take each small improvement as a victory and take also day by day.


My very best to you,





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Re: Starting antidepressants

Hi @gidgetgh ... I'm so sorry you're feeling anxious and depressed. Depression is a horrible thing to go through. I've gone through many. It's one of my worst fears that I will succome to another depression. I completely understand.


Over 20 years ago I was in treatment with psychiatrists, counselors, and therapists for almost 7 solid years of my life. I was on many different antidepressants trying to find one I could tolerate and would work for me. To this day, I still take something for anxiety, but I'm off all the other stuff. It really didn't work for me. Everyone is different and of course, there must be many new ones out there by now.


If your just trying something for the first time and you're sensitive to medications, like I am, too, my suggestion is to begin with the lowest possible dose and give it at least a month to 6 weeks to do it's thing.


BTW...I haven't read any of the replies here. Maybe it's already been suggested.


My very best wishes to you. Behavioral Health can be very beneficial if the meds don't help.

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