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@Shelbelle   I'm not sure why your question was met the way it was but I have no problem with it because-as we have seen-an all-clear colonoscopy doesn't mean cancer free in just a few months.


I took your question to mean did any previous colonoscopy show any abonormalies such as pre-cancerous polyps. 


My mother died from colon cancer (she had it twice) so this is not unfamiliar to me at all.


@maripI am truly sorry for your brother and all family. 



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@BExplorer There is so much knowledge and information. There are misconceptions posted regarding alternative methods (and re Steve Jobs), but I respect everyone and don't wish to create dissension.  Please do the research.   Many have overcome stage 4 cancer by alternative methods.  I know exactly what I would do, but I don't feel this is the appropriate venue to share any knowledge regarding this subject.  I wish you perfect health and know that if you desire to follow this path, a new world will open to you.  All the best.


Please keep us posted and just a thought, you might accept a diagnosis but you have a choice regarding the prognosis and how to proceed.  Much respect for questioning, searching, and taking charge of your health.  Trust yourself.

@BExplorer wrote:

@phoenixbrd  I don't want to hijack @marip 's thread, but I may ask to pick your brain (sorry for that gross expression) at a later time about alternatives to chemo.  I am having a biopsy next week and hope to get the results at the end of next week.  I am just looking for alternative paths to research as I swore I would never consent to chemo, but now I may be faced with that decision. 




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@BeautyAddiction   I am so sorry for your loss.  No words can assuage what you must be experiencing.  Fifty years is a long road, and your loss is great.  I'm sure all the love and care you offered your husband was appreciated.  Much love.


@BeautyAddiction wrote:
@Shelbelle Thank you.  My husband just passed away on July 1st of lung cancer that metastasized. I miss him every second of every day. We were married for 50 years on April.  I put off all my tests to take care of him and you reminded me and I just made my appointment for a colonoscopy.  




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Very sorry about the path in front of your family.  My prayers are with you.

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Hello @marip .  I'm sorry to hear about your brother's cancer



You are asking about usual protocol for his diagnosis.  From

family members and friends with cancer's similar to his I would say "yes" it is for many.  When the

tumor is too large or has spread to a distant organ chemo is

done first to shrink the tumor/and or tumors.  After chemo treatment

is finished they will decide upon the next protocol to take be it

surgery or next step. There is no one size fit's all for anyone.


There are wonderful cancer "chat rooms" for different forms of cancer.  For colon cancer there is an informative forum called "The

Colon Club".  When you get to the site click on "colon talk" and you

can read some posts and if your comfortable you can easily sign up to participate.


There are members who have gone through, living with or are going through the same health issue's, stage as your brother who will be happy to answer all your questions

in an informative thoughtful manner which is what you need right now. 



I hope and really  think this will help you find some answer's.

My prayers and thoughts go out to you and your family.












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Re: Stage 4 colon cancer

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I am not medically trained, I am not suggesting anyone take this, but am recommending you research this as an easy & affordable possibility that just may be beneficial. 
When I was diagnosed with cancer 16 years ago a customer of mine told me she was into holistic approaches to things and her sister had just died of breast cancer.  She said she could never get her sister to listen to her and she wanted to help someone since she could not help her sister.  She told me about an over the counter medicine for called Tagamet (cimetidine is the generic name) for general gastrointestinal issues.  It can not be any other must be cimetidine only.
She told me to start taking it weeks before my surgery and not to stop for weeks to months after the surgery.  My doctor did not mind if I took it so I did, and boy am I ever glad I did.
According to research, cimetidine may help prevent cancer from spreading and metastasizing to other areas of the body.  There are no guarantees and it does not create miracles, but I sincerely believe it helped me be the only one from my melanoma support group that is still alive and never had a far.  (Can't prove it, but I sincerely believe it.)
Please do Google "cimetidine for cancer" and see what all you learn and what you think about it.  Here ate two links (I hope the mods will allow it  because it is not advertising...that lead to The National Center for Biotechnology Information is part of the United States National Library of Medicine, a branch of the National Institutes of Health. 
The first link is specifically about colon cancer and cimetidine, but cimetidine applies to other cancers as well (the second link).
You might wonder why it is not a big money maker as a cancer treatment but its patent ran out years ago making it possible for any company to manufacturer it and that dramatically lowers the price & value.  So, pharmaceutical companies focus on the money makers that are still under patent.  Too bad for all of us.
I hope you find the information useful. It is not meant to replace any info or treatment a doctor gives you, just new options for discussion with the doctor if you so choose.
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I was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer 11 years ago with a grim prognosis but have been cancer-free for 10 years.  I had 3 chemo treatments first to try to halt the progression of the disease and shrink the tumor then extensive surgery. I also travelled to a major cancer center for a second opinion and ended up having surgery there as they were willing to be much more aggressive than my local surgeon. BUT I did not have cancer in my liver, only extensively in lymph nodes. Every case is different and a second opinion is just more valuable information.


For those of you who say you would rather die than have chemo which is what refusing chemo usually means, it is hard but comes to an end and can make you well or really extend your life. You also do not have to have any nausea even if you have cisplatin, the worst chemo for nausea. 3 types of chemo drugs, surgery, and radiation with a cisplatin back saved my life and I would do it all again. I never had any nausea because my doctors gave me a combination of anti-nausea drugs that prevented it. Several friends have asked for the same and they have not had nausea either. Yes, you can feel poisoned but not all chemos cause nausea and you feel better between treatments. 


While your brother is getting chemo, you might learn all you can about his particular case and talking with a doctor at a major cancer center or major teaching hospital might reassure your family or offer a further course of treatment. He may respond very well to his treatment. I wish your family all the best. 

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My mom had the same diagonsis......colon cancer that had spread to the liver.  she was told chem could extend her life, but would not be a cure.  She was given 6 months to live.

The Dr. was spot on, she died 6 months later.  she chose not to have chemo, since she 

knew it was not a cure.  She wanted to spend what good days she had left, instead of being sick from the chemo.  So sorry the family has to go through this!

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@Drythe wrote:

@Shelbelle wrote:

@Drythe wrote:



A bit lacking in empathy, and kindness.

OP & brother are aware of the recommendation for colonoscopies.

Why bring it up?


I brought it up as a forum here to help raise awareness, why else?? If anyone here who sees this post and has not gone for this important test, it will serve as a reminder. i feel terrible about this diagnosis, which is why the need to raise awareness to be properly tested. Not saying this man was not, just saying how important it is to do preventative measures that could help to save a life. I cant fathom why anyone would take offense to that.  And we dont know for sure that everyone here is aware of this, how can you be sure of that??



You DID specifically ask if HE had been tested in your 1st post, and followed it up in your 2nd.


The topic has been discussed over and over here, as you no doubt  know.  No need for you to be Paul Revere with the message at this time. There is a time for empathy and a time for education.  Sounds like a gotcha moment.  I feel your timing was inappropriate.


Do not twist MY words, nowhere did I say, or imply that everyone is aware.

And please do not twist any of my words, much appreciated. 

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Serengeti      Thanks I looked up their website The Colon Club and joined.  And thanks to everyone for their well wishes and prayers.