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Re: Sonic toothbrush question.....

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spit water

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My dentist and hygienist recommend Sonicare, but give the manual Oral Bs after cleaning. They also recommended a WaterPik, so I discovered a new type called JetPik on Amazon. This unit has floss cartridges that are used in combo with the water stream. Love it! I also do "oil pulling" with coconut oil. Can't wait for my next cleaning, and I'm always the one who says I would rather have a colonoscopy than get my teeth cleaned. :womanlol:




@MaggieMack, honey I think I'd rethink my thinking on rather having a colonoscopy than a dental cleaning. You sure about that?  LOL  I'll be up front and come clean, both of my ends are really up to snuff, as I had my dental cleaning done a few weeks ago and the other a couple weeks ago... I am smiling from one end to the other.. LOL.. 

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Re: Sonic toothbrush question.....

Who knows which is better.  It might be an individual thing.  I used a Sonicare toothbrush for years and developed all sorts of gum issues....not necessarily from the toothbrush.  My periodontist told me to get rid of the Sonicare and get the Oral B electric toothbrush.


My cleaning appointments have been great and I have little to no plaque buildup between cleanings.  So, I guess it works.  


I do think the Sonicare caused some recession issues around my lower front teeth.

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