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@sweetee2 wrote:

I pulled a muscle in my back many years ago. Hubby made me go to a Chiropractor. I won't go into that hoopla, but one thing he told was how to get rid of Sciatica .


Twice a day lay on your back. Raise your knee to your chest as far as you can. Count to 10. Do the same with your other knee. Do this 3 times with each leg. I would do this in bed before I'd get up and when I go to bed. I've never had a problem since.


I best friend has Sciatica in her hip to where she has to get a shot every time they go on a trip. I told her about this and it has help her.





Good info for everyone including those the have no back issues. Strong Abs and Flexible ALL BACKSIDE Muscles can prevent, or at least minimize many back pains, including Sciatica.


The William's exercise you mention, along with the many others that were/are included, have been known for decades, even the early 1970's. Every person would be, back pain or not, wise to make these, and other Back Side of the Body Exercises, part of their every day routine, and more than once a day.





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For me, the pain would start where the sciatic nerve passes through the piriformis muscle, and then go down the leg. The tennis ball helped a lot, but it is very important not to roll on top of that already irritated nerve. You have to stay on either side of the sciatic nerve.

There are videos on YouTube, if you are interested. I did not have tennis balls, so I stopped at a dollar store & bought dog play balls, which are great because they are firmer.

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I have had something like this off and on for years. I got an MRI done and they found nothing. I went to physical therapy and it didn't help me either. It's an extremely frustrating problem. I try to stay as active as possible and do take medication if I have to. I do exercises and stretches also. Sometimes I feel like it's helping me other times not so much. I use my heating pad a lot too.

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Re: Sciatica...

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For many having strong abs/specificity stretching each muscle group on the backside separately, help eliminate or minimize back pains. What specific ab exercises are you doing regularly? Too many overlook the role the core muscles play in supporting the spine from the front side.


I own a Teeter Inversion Table and find it very valuable doing much of my ab exercises that cannot be done any other way. Doing full inversion for me feels good and seems to help my blood flow throughout my body. It does not cure back or spinal pain, but for many it gives them enough temporary pain relief, which makes their days much better.


You have probably read my spinal(back) story so I won't mention it here. Were it not for my persistence with following all the things I have mentioned  there is absolutely no way that I could ice skate, pain free for 2 hour sessions.


I cannot take any pain med other than acetaminophen(tylenol) because of my colon bleeding issues. But though I do get a occasional back stiffness, it never inhibits what I want or need to do.


Hopefully you find what works for you.





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@hckynut  Thank you. I do abdominal strengthening exercises given to me by a physical therapist. Some of them are done with an exercise ball. It's a huge ball you sit on. You probably know what they are but I thought I'd say just in case someone was wondering. I'm also pretty active in general. I can usually keep things under control without medication, sometimes medication doesn't even help much to be honest, but every once in a while I'll start experiencing problems again. An orthopedic doctor/surgeon did speak to me about having strong abdominal muscles in healing back pain so it is something I am aware of and work on. I'm pleased to hear you are doing well and able to do the activities you enjoy. Your table sounds awesome. Maybe I'll get one someday!

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@nana59  DH went to a chiropractor and had massages there and it took two months for him to return to work.


One thing is you decide to treat at home:  if you use a foam roller, my trainer says that you  should use it right after a shower or bath so that the muscles are warm.  She also said to press into it and use the roller on the wall instead of on the floor.

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Dr said I had a degenerative disc. He claims it is very common and wants to treat it with physical therapy and if necessary steroid injections. He claims surgery is the last resort.

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Although I have chronic lower back problems, I've only had one bout of sciatica, about 25 years ago.  Doctor sent me to PT and for the first time it was actually beneficial.  Two weeks of treatment and I was good as new.  You need yto see a doctor and perhaps he will suggest PT.

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After teaching, I worked for Dillards and I started with sciatica on my left side after customers found out I could style.  I was carrying all of those clothes back.  That, plus the habit of sitting with my leg under me moved my spine one inch!


There are stretching exercises on youtube by physical therapists or you can go to a physical therapist.


On amazon there is a really great gel belt that can be frozen or heatedby Ranico. 

BIG CLEARANCE SALE! Ice Pack-Raniaco Reusable & Flexible Gel Cold Pack with Adjustable Velcro Strap, Hot Cold Therapy for Head ,Neck,Shoulder,Back,Waist ,Knee, Ankle Sports Muscle Pain Relief (Blue )


Sciatic problems have to have cold which decreases inflamation.  Don't stand in the shower with hot water beating on the area.  You are increasing inflamation and increasing pain.


Now I am on meloxicam to keep inflamation down.  if I carry items, I make sure the weight is equal, not on one side.


Best of luck.  I would suggest you see your doctor.

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I am sorry that you are in pain.  I didn't read all of the responses, so pardon me if this has been suggested. 


There are over the counter pain creams like Aspercream or Icy Hot that have 4% Lidocaine in them.  That is a topical anesthetic that should help to decrease some of the pain.  It was recommended by my pain management doc. 


Ice is helpful to a good deal of people.  Ice 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off is the usual recommendation.  Just put a barrier between you and the ice.  Heat is also helpful.  Do not use heat with any type of pain creams, as you can get a nasty burn.


One position that helps me is to lay on the floor with my lower legs on the cushions of the couch.  It allows your lower back to get into a neutral position.


Physical therapy can be a Godsend.  They can do moist heat, stimulation via a TENS unit and give you stretches and exercises to help with the pain.


I wish you the best.