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I am slightly embarrassed to mention/ask this. Lately when I eat an extra lot of salt (like potato chips, salty nuts) I get a severe burning in my "V" area. What could this be?? It happens every single time!! I take Azo for relief, but this is strange! 

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First, please see a doctor and know for certain what's going on.... only a doctor can give you a serious evaluation along with suggestions.


But to me it sounds like an inflamation that is really irritated by the salt going through your system, like a cut on your finger that really gets inflamed and hurts when salt comes in contact with it.  I'd stop eating anything with overt salt (including high-density foods like Chinese) and give that area a chance to heal and see how it responds.


However, I'm not a doctor and again, really encourage you to see one.... Woman Happy





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@TX-starlight  Are you drinking enough fluids, especially water?  I get something similar to that when I eat a lot of spicy or acidy foods, like tomato sauce, lemons, limes, spicy shrimp salad, etc. and not drinking enough fluids.  I was starting to get a reaction the other day when I had been eating a lot of Salt and Vinegar potato chips with shrimp salad!  But I hadn't been drinking enough water.  All I have to do is drink lots of water and eat more yogurt and I'm fine.  But I really have to watch the food I eat.  I hope you find out what caused it and it goes away. 

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@TX-starlight  Good reason NOT  to eat an extra lot of salt? Not good for you anyway.....problem fixed.