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I had the Zostavax 5 years ago (likely no longer protective), and I'm holding out for the Shingrix because I have concerns about the duration of efficacy. 


They have yet to develop boosters for these vaccines.  From everything I've read, they are for one time administration (Zostavax 1 dose, Shringrix 2 doses) and are not to be repeated.  


The problem is, they both begin to gradually lose protective value shortly after administration.  Zostavax will likely have some protection for 4-5 years and Shingrix is about the same, although some feel it may last a bit longer. I'm not sure they know.


What this tells me is, if these vaccines are given early, there may be no coverage during later senior years, when the incidence of shingles increases.  


If anyone has any information regarding my concerns, I'd love for you to share. Maybe you've been told something different?

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@BlueFinch   My Dr recommend the Shingrix for me (77 )But my sons Dr told him he isn't old enough ,  (53)

  Seems like you are thinking like his Dr and it makes sense for him to wait. 
   I got my Zostavax over 7 years ago so got the first Shingrix Friday. (Publix, $190.) but insurance paid. No problem except a sore arm she really got it in the muscle. I moved it a lot and that helps they say. 

  I'm just glad they have the Chicken Pox vaccine for my grandchildren and great grandchildren, hope that holds!