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Re: Running My First 10K Race Today

Congratulations...Ya did good girl
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Re: Running My First 10K Race Today

On 11/27/2014 hckynut said:
On 11/27/2014 SFGIANTSGIRL said:

Thanks Ladies, the race went well. Out of 1560 overall runners, I came in 759. There were 902 women and I came in 347. Out of 71 in my age class, I came in 33. All and it was fun.

The 6.2 miles is never 6.2 miles. Once you run around the walkers and people with the strollers that started in the wrong timing area, the run ended up being 7.3 miles. I only stopped at one of the water stations for a quick drink but ran the whole race, no walking.

It was a great day.



Ahem! I would be a "gentleman"?, well I am of the male gender let's put it that way. Never had to deal with walkers and strollers in most of the races I ran. Many were in the summer here in Nebraska and not too many walkers wanted to get up to race/walk at 6am in the morning. The later races were hot and humid and pretty much only die hard and/or competitive runners entered these runs.

Ran Turnkey Trots/Corporate Cup/Septemberfest and many other special races.

Glad it went well for you as it sounds like your were happy with how it went.

Only races I was concerned with how I placed were the Corporate Cup(how in placed in our company, not the race), and in other races how I placed in the over 50 age group. I won many in the over 50 category for several years in our area, and usually was in the top 5-10 in the Corporate Cup racers from our company(AT&T/Western Electric). Ran the very first Corporate Cup Run which was in 1982 and ran all of them after until 2002 when I developed PE(lung blood clots) and a heart attack 7 months later. I then I competitive running and worked my way back in condition after these events and tried to stay as fit as possible in between heart attacks and my other medical issues.

Now let me know how your body feels tomorrow and the next day, that can tell you a whole lot about your conditioning if you felt you gave it your all.

Congratulations to you on you very first 10k, it is certainly an accomplishment for anyone that does this.

Hey John

I feel great. I little sore but not bad. I normally run about 100 miles a month and around 5-6 miles on each run but since I street run, I get about 4 breaks at stop lights to catch my breath. This was the first time that I ran 7 miles without a minute to two minute stop 3-4 times during my run. It doesn't sound like much of a rest but it makes a difference.

I have run 13 to 14 miles on a single run before (I do this about every 4 months) but I think I like the short fast races. The 5k's are really fun, run and done Smiley Happy The 10K was different and now off my bucket list Smiley Happy