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After 6 weeks I am pain free. The Orthopedic Dr shot cortisone ,with a numbing agent ,into the spot where my shoulder hinges. It really hurt  but the Dr said he knows by the level of pain the shot caused he hit the right spot.


He told me to stop therapy. I told him I had a bad result from one of the people treating me. She told me I had 2 ribs out of place. SHe also said don't tell your Dr this. I said I already have. I always tell my Dr everything. I could tell she didn't like it.


Three days later a gentleman worked on me. He felt  all over my back with his hands and told me nothing was out of place. I told him the lady told me not to tell my Dr ,what she said about my ribs, and I was disgusted she would do that. He looked uncomfortable, and after a long pause ,he said some Drs don't like us. I said, well my Dr sent me here , to begin with and I think its bad advice not to tell your Dr everything. 


The orthopedic Dr said your bone spur has been here longer than the 6 weeks you were in pain. Therapy isn't going to help, everything is badly inflamed. He said I can't tell you why ,anymore than I can tell you why my beard is white, when we get older things just happen


He said I am going to numb you, and give you cortisone at the same time. He said I don't know what it will be like when the numbness wears off, but if you aren't better in a few days come back and we will talk about removing the spur


He thinks this will do the trick. I don't want to over use my arm so I won't post anything else





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Cherry, so happy to hear you are doing well!

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Glad to hear you have relief from the pain cherry. I hope the cortisone does the trick.

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@cherry...I cannot express in words just how happy I am for you!!!


Continued good health and I believe that prayers move mountains.Heart

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So good to have you back and just read do not write we are blessed to know you are watching and reading. Heart

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So glad for you! Thanks for posting for all of us,


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Here's hoping the shot does the trick! I've had a cortisone shot in my shoulder and OH BABY IT HURTS LIKE THE DICKENS!! The only one worse than that was one in the base of my thumb. Don't be surprised if the cortisone doesn't kick in for at least 24 hours after the numbness wears off.

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@cherry  I'm so glad to hear you have hope for your shoulder!  I have problems with both my shoulders too.......they are definitely my weakest point, and you need them for everything you do except walking!


Yesterday, I actually had a cortisone shot in my eye!  Yes.....a needle went right up under my upper eyelid.  It sounds awful, but it really wasn't that bad (they numb it first, of course).  I had a choice between that quick relief or eye drops 4 times a day for I don't know how long.  I was having a delayed inflamation from the new lense after cataract surgery a year ago, and my vision was getting blurry in that eye.  I was also losing my depth perception.  He said it would take about a week, but I already see some improvement today.  My eye is still a litle swollen today, but yesterday it looked like I'd been punched!

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Glad to see your update @cherry. Take care. 

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