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I used to get bifocal readers , so that you can avoid taking them off and on all the time , and they can't be found in stores , although Amazon has a good selection.

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Thank you for the information!

My eye dr that i just saw a few weeks ago for exam told me that non prescription readers are ok but to never buy cheap ones at the dollar store. He said to buy at least mid price.

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I've never ordered from that site. 


I'm probably in the minority but I did order Joy Mangano's set of readers in the past and hated them.  I thought they were awful quality.  They got permanently foggy after a short while and the lenses scratched very easily.  Every pair went into the trash.


QVC used to carry Tashon readers and I loved those.  I ordered a set and those were much better quality.  Unfortunately, I changed strengths and those no longer worked but I was able to pass them on to someone else.


The last set of reades I bought were from Walgreens.  They were Buy 1 get 2 free so they were $18.00 for 3 pair.  I cannot buy the ones from the Dollar Tree.  Again, the lenses got foggy and something is always off with the lenses.  They aren't a crisp, clear vision and sometimes the floor, etc. seems slanted.  LOL  

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Thanks, everyone, for your helpful posts.  


I also purchased the Tashon brand from QVC and loved them.  Then I needed a different strength and bought the Hummingbird brand from QVC, because the Tashion brand was sold out.  I also liked them, thought both brands were very good quality.


But since the Q no longer offers these brands, I looked elsewhere and found a really cute pair of computer readers at readers dot com that I really like, also.