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I know I'll be needing a root canal and crown.  Anyone have it done lately and can give an approximate cost?  I had it done over 20 years ago and remember writing a check(s) for $2000, I think.  It was so long ago and I don't think I had dental insurance then. 

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Simply call your dentist's office and ask.  It is not a secret.  And a call to your dental insurance provider will give you information on how much they will cover.  

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I had a root canal a very long time ago, and even with insurance, it was $1.000 out of pocket. The root canal was done over a preexisting crown. I had a crown put in last Fall, and because my tooth had to be built up, the entire bill was almost $2,000, of which I paid $832, and insurance picked up the rest. Two weeks ago I had another crown put in, but it didn't require as much work to be done. I have yet to get the bill. I think crowns now are around $1200, and my insurance will probably pay half.

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Simply call your dentist's office and ask.  It is not a secret.  And a call to your dental insurance provider will give you information on how much they will cover.  

Totally agree. Dentists are not surprised being asked to quote fees for professional services. My dentist provides me with fee information when we agree on a treatment plan and allows me to make payment arrangements to pay off an extraordinary expense in 3-4 payments. 


If I had insurance, I’d call the provider to find out what their offset will be so I could know my obligation. 


A recent root  canal and crown (within the last 2 years) was $1600. I knew the cost, agreed to the work, and made 4 payments of $400.


Professional quote their fees readily. I think the dentist would be pretty amazed if you proceeded with the treatment and got out of the chair at the final session and asked “What do I owe you?” 


Ask in advance. 

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FYI make sure your dentist actually does root canals. Mine doesn't and I have to go a specialist to have the actualy work done.


Then my dentist will do the rest and take an impression for the crown.

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Uusually a big difference in price of your regular dentist does it, or you see a specialist. A specialist did my last one, and his office was so different than my regular dentist's, the specialist was state of the art, I felt very confident, it was over 2,000 but insurance paid a lot of it, and it was 3 appts, the first was a consult.

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I just had a root canal several months ago and my portion was $700 and something after insurance.  I also need a crown and my portion will be about $1200. I have Delta Preferred coverage. 


They usually give out quotes. 


Good luck!  I’ve had quite a lot of dental work and more to come. 

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I needed a root canal just recently (in a capped tooth).  The regular dds didn't do it I needed to see a endodontist.  I paid $421 after my insurance & the crown/post was $547 after insurance.


When I need major work I ask for a pre-determination of benefits from the insurance company so there aren't any surprises.  I actually think the dental office did it at my initial appointment over their system which brought up my insurance information/payable % and fees.



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DH just had a filling in a molar and another molar was just over 1350.00 and that was with senior discount...our dentist has a 3D printer where he makes the crowns while you wait...Everything is done on the same day...We haven't had a root canal in a long time so that I can't help with....DW

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@ScrapHappy  I think prices vary.  I just had a crown prep done on 4 teeth and my dentist's charge was $1,300 per crown.  Don't know what the insurance will cover because I'm sure 2 were more elective than medically necessary (front teeth on bottom).


Last time I paid for a root canal therapy for a relative, the charge was over $1,000.  That can also depend - if a general dentist does it, it may cost less.  Go to and endodontist and it may be more.



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