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Re: Question for those who had cataract surgery

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Re: Question for those who had cataract surgery


I've suffered terribly from dry eyes for 15+ years.  Initially I had lower tear ducts put in, then went to Restasis along with a steroid drop once every 3 weeks. This went on for about 9 years.  Eventually this became ineffective so switched to Lotemax for about 3.5 years. Again I needed a change so until my cataract surgery  I was using Alrex.  My doctor said my cataracts were the result of steroids. (I was warned of this before starting any of these eyes drops)


It's only been a week since I stopped my after surgery eye drops, but my eyes do not feel dry, particularly when I wake up.  I shall see on Tuesday if OTC drops will be enough for me.


No one can possibly understand the pain of dry eye unless he/she has experienced it.  It is truly like having a great deal of sand in one's eyes all the time.

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Re: Question for those who had cataract surgery

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@lulu1, I agree that a severe dry eye problem is not understood unless one suffers from the problem. My eyes have improved somewhat over the past 6 years. I have had swelling and a pulling sensation with mine, 


I began using Occusoft Lid Scrubs every morning, along with Restasis 2x daily, and they are better, My eyelids get oily about 6 :00 pm very day, and I use Purity cleansing cloths to remove the oils. If not, my eyes burn, and are red. 


Lotemax raised the pressure in my eyes. I do not often require otc eye drops, since I use Restasis. I tried going off of it, but found myself reaching for otc drops very often. 


I was also told about the steroid eyedrops causing cataracts. 

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Re: Question for those who had cataract surgery

I had the more expensive multi focal lens and have been very happy with them.  My insurance paid for them.  Lately I do have to wear readers if the print is very small but otherwise if good light I can read most print.    Don't worry about afterwards it really isn't bad at all I was worried too.  I had no pain at all ,  just went home with a patch for overnight then it was taken off the next morning at the Drs office.    It is one of the easiest surgery and beileve me I am always worried and anxious when I have to have surgery if any kind.  You will be fine.  😺😀